7 Gym Alternatives That Can Help You Stay In Shape

gym alternatives
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Increased self-awareness is the force driving an upsurge in beauty and health consciousness. And it is due to this that people today find it extremely compelling to maintain a fit body. However, committing oneself to an hour-long gym work out daily, is not motivating enough for everybody. Maithili Modi explores some alternative ways of keeping fit


Numerous fitness experts have started compiling their workout routines into video format to make it available for all. In this way, Indian audiences get a chance to seek the benefits of varied fitness regimes. The west is known for its constant thirst for change, and hence in this aspect too, they become the pioneers of change. However, if they introduce a new methodology today, it comes to India after a much longer wait. But, by means of these videos, this transit period vanishes. A very famous fitness video is Insanity. Out in circulation by large numbers, it has become extremely popular among all age groups. The speciality of most of these videos, including Insanity, is that they require no extra gym equipment and is a completely independent form of workout. Who thought watching a screen would ever help you lose weight, no?


Who remembers effortlessly spiralling between rounds hoops when we were practically weightless? Well, try it now, and take my word for it, hula hooping won’t be half as effortless. However, it does make a great workout. Moreover, nowadays one can easily find a weighted hula-hoop; which is essentially the same old hoop, made heavy by filling it with water. With half an hour of this weighted hoop on your hips, you’re sure to be in for a great workout. What’s more? Once you get the knack of it, turn up some music and it becomes as enjoyable as ever.


As incredulous as it sounds, you can turn your household chores into upbeat calorie-burning activities with something as simple as vacuuming or scrubbing surfaces clean. Put on some music, turn up the volume and make mundane jobs into fun, workout routines for yourself.


For those of you caught up with children who inevitably end up spending copious amounts of time with them, here’s a good way to convert a couple of these hours into your training period. You probably haven’t performed exercises like the bear crawl or crab walk since you were a kid, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t do them again. As a grownup, you’ll see how much harder it is to move in those postures, and you’ll immediately recognize any tight muscles or weak areas. Training with kids, goofy as it may look, will strengthen your core and increase mobility, as well as get your heart rate up and challenge your endurance. (For the bear crawl, walk on all fours with your legs fairly straight so your hips are above head level. On the crab walk, sit on the floor, bridge your hips up, and walk forward and back on your hands and feet.)


Have you ever seen a dancer’s physique? In fact, dancers are known to have the perfect balance of muscle, flexibility, stamina, agility and endurance. For something that seems solely cardio oriented, it is actually much more beneficial than any of us perceive it to be. Furthermore, nowadays multifarious dance forms are made available to all. Be it Bollywood, jazz, Zumba, salsa, contemporary, hip-hop; training for all forms, right from the beginners level are obtainable almost everywhere. Not just the apple, even one hour of dancing a day is extremely beneficial for our bodies. Who said you need to kill yourself at the gym in order to lose weight!


While everyone remembers the joy of being a child and happily bouncing on one, very few people know the amount of strength required and the calories burned to keep yourself upright and balance your body on a trampoline. You develop stamina and core strength at the same time that you have oodles of fun. Could it get any better?


Who says jump rope is only for little school girls at playtime? Several athletes, including boxers and cyclists, engage in intense skipping workouts that is guaranteed to get you up and sweating even with the slightest of efforts. You strengthen your arms and practice perfect mind-body coordination, eventually building and toning some of the strongest muscles of your body.

Keeping fit today does not necessarily involve weights and bench presses. You don’t even need a gym membership if you take up these fun, carb-fighting activities!


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