Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Kesha Case : Who’s telling the truth?

We all heard about what happened to dear Kesha in her lawsuit; her injunction that would have allowed to record music with labels other...

Best of Music – January 2016

Beginning his career as a lead singer in the boy band NSYNC and making an appearance in Disney movie, Model Behaviour to his studio album,...
Friends theme song

Best Theme Songs on TV Shows

Well, every kick-ass show starts with a kick-ass soundtrack. Akshit Chawla brings you such remarkable theme songs that commence some of greatest and glorious shows...

Goddess Gagged

An unstoppable force in the realm of hardcore, goddess gagged embodies all the experimentation, distortion and energy that a progressive rock-metal lover could ever want

The Colour Compound

Young and hugely promising, the colour compound continues to create prismatic ripples in the Indie music scene

Best of Music – March 2016

SUNO SUNO MERI AWAAZ 'Suno Suno Meri Aawaaz' is entirely based on women empowerment from the album 'Suno Suno Meri Aawaaz. The album is much more than just...

Best of Music – April 2016

A movie is not just a visual retreat, it’s an immersive sensory experience, in which, I believe, soundtracks play the most crucial role. Sonali...

Coldplay Drops A New Single Featuring Beyonce And A Cameo By Sonam Kapoor

Stop everything at once, people. It's time for Coldplay again. Though we're still bitter about Coldplay's almost secret visit to India, they've finally given us...

Best of Music

Everyone is trying to something different these days, to stand out and get noticed. These few musicians went a step too far in that...

The Mavyns

An eclectic bunch of musicians, the mavyns are on a roll, making music that comes straight from the soul