The Colour Compound


What happens when a bunch of young and experienced musicians come together as a band? A brilliant collaboration like The Colour Compound. Although the band feels that genres are irrelevant, The Colour Compound puts forth a mix of rock, blues, pop, R & B and acoustic elements with ease.
The story behind the formation of the band is quite interesting. It all began when two friends– Rohan and Bradley– started playing guitar, singing and writing songs together for the love of it, with no serious intention of taking it any further. At the time, Rohan and Bradley had parted ways with Something Relevant and Thrice9, respectively. But the desire to ‘get out The Colour Compound there’ and go live all over again struck once more, resulting in the formation of an acoustic duo ‘Hollow Bodies’. The duo then realised that they wanted to experiment with textures and a wider variety of dynamics. It was around this time that Bradley met Aditya and Adil at a college band competition. Jamming together seemed like the most natural thing to do thereafter. The blend was seamless and unforced, and the result was the formation of The Colour Compound.
Over the last three years, the band has played at many a venue in Mumbai including Blue Frog, Hard Rock Café and at open air venues like The Hanging Gardens, and in Pune and Goa too. Needless to say, The Colour Compound has a huge fan following. With lyrics that are based on everyday life, catchy melodies and groovy riffs, the band’s gigs are always packed to the hilt.
Two albums worth of songs and a continuous string of gigs down the line, The Colour Compound recently released an EP online called Sincerely Yours. Each of the six songs showcases different aspects of the band’s sound. Fans can expect a full-fledged album shortly, as at this very point in time, the band is in the writing stage, working together to come out with yet another collaboration of themselves as a versatile whole. The Colour Compound has mass appeal, yet the band remains adamant about delivering honest and original music.

Bradley Tellis                  Vocals/ Electric Guitar
Rohan Mazumdar          Vocals/ Acoustic guitar
Aditya Ashok                   Drums
Adil Kurwa                        Bass
Rhys D’souza                    Keyboard/ Saxaphone

Volume 1 Issue 11


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