Best of Music – April 2016

A movie is not just a visual retreat, it’s an immersive sensory experience, in which, I believe, soundtracks play the most crucial role. Sonali...

Kailasa – Rangeele

  Fresh, dreamy, beautiful, meaningful are just some of the words that can be used to describe Kailash Kher’s latest album. Kher, known for his...

The Rise of the Indie Band

The Independent music scene is at a vibrant peak in India. At the crux lie young and radical people who have discovered an outlet in this subculture. Beverly pereira finds out more

Rock Legends Making a Comeback

In the coming months some of the greatest rock-Gods will bestowing us mere mortals with some of their divine music. Yes, Queen, Guns and...

Best of Music – December 2015

Indian culture, its palaces, its instruments prove to be a source of inspiration for many artists and more so for those from the west....

Best of Music

Everyone is trying to something different these days, to stand out and get noticed. These few musicians went a step too far in that...

Goddess Gagged

An unstoppable force in the realm of hardcore, goddess gagged embodies all the experimentation, distortion and energy that a progressive rock-metal lover could ever want
Friends theme song

Best Theme Songs on TV Shows

Well, every kick-ass show starts with a kick-ass soundtrack. Akshit Chawla brings you such remarkable theme songs that commence some of greatest and glorious shows...

New age patriotism

Get into the Independence Day spirit, add these patriotic rock songs to your playlist  Jana Gana Mana by A.R. Rahman A.R. Rahman in collaboration with over...

Chvrches: The Bones of What You Believe

There’s not much to dislike about CHVRCHES’ debut album of unblemished, grandiose, subtly morose synth pop, which is remarkably engineered for a first record....

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