Relationship Disorders!

A number of things can go wrong in a relationship. While you cannot completely avoid them, you can always try to set things right. Pooja Salvi...
Toxic relationship

Signs That You Are The Toxic One In Your Relationship

Many today are in a toxic relationship; a relationship that harms their personal growth and affects their mental well-being. In such toxic...

Bad Girl You Say?

She's Uninhibited, She's Adventurous, She's sexy and She knows it. Razi Shaikh Explores the Lure of the 'Bad Girl' and Why Men Fall for...

Demise of Monogamy

Change is the only constant and in most cases, change is always good. But, is the change in the number of monogamous relationships really a...

Bizarre Valentine’s Day Traditions

While brainstorming ideas to make this February the 14th different for your Special Someone, Minal Sancheti takes a glimpse at some weird Valentine’s Day traditions across the globe that’ll make...

Caspering: A New Dating Trend That Many Are Becoming A Victim Of

“It’s been more than 7 hours and he still hasn’t replied back to my text. What is it that is keeping him...
Dating a liar

Are You Dating A Liar ‘In The Name Of Love’? It’s Time To Get...

Being hopelessly in love with your lover is undoubtedly romantic. Being blind in love is utterly stupid. We all have made errors...

Teach Cheats

Suchita Parikh asks if technology is making it easier for one to cheat and another to catch you in the act!

One Date Wonder

The right balance of conversation fun makes for a perfect date. Palak Kapadia makes a list of ten off-beat first date idea Psychologist Sigmund Freud carried...
casual relationship

Friends With Benefits

Minal Patodia Asks If The Benefits Of A Casual Relationship Can Ever Be Enough To Sustain It Over A Longer Period Of Time

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