Meeting your partner's parents

Meeting the Parents

Want to introduce your beau to your parents but feeling jittery about it? Shazia Shaikh helps ease the butterflies in your tummy before D-Day arrives So, you’ve finally decided to take your...

10 People You Should Date

Dating is taxing but it is one of those things that help build your character. Some people give you happy memories and some are...
Couples in colleges

10 Couples You’ll find on every Campus

They are here, there and everywhere! Riddhi Jain breaks down the 10 types of couples you are sure to bump into in your college...

Eat. Sleep. Cheat. Repeat.

With cheating becoming the new normal in modern relationships, Palak Kapadia lists telltale signs to identify that your partner might be cheating on you...

Teach Cheats

Suchita Parikh asks if technology is making it easier for one to cheat and another to catch you in the act!

7 Things You Shouldn’t Do After a Breakup

So you guys just broke up? Or was it a couple months ago? But it still hurts, right? I’m sorry that your going through a...
This Is How Millennials Are Redefining Relationship

This Is How Millennials Are Redefining Relationship

“Saat janmo ka bandhan” concept has faded long ago. Gone are the days when exchanging glances led to a forever kind of...

The Darling Debutante

Meet the gorgeous star kid Anushka Ranjan who talks to Youth Inc about her foray in films and her passion for a cause. RAPID FIRE Five things...

Textually Active

Razi Shaikh examines flirting in the digital age through tweets, Facebook posts and BB status updates which hide as much as they reveal             As you read this,...

Caspering: A New Dating Trend That Many Are Becoming A Victim Of

“It’s been more than 7 hours and he still hasn’t replied back to my text. What is it that is keeping him...

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