Valentine Quick Fix

Haven’t decided what to gift bae yet? If you’ve been dazed off and still don’t know, we have a quick-fix for you. Last-minute gifting...
relationship mistakes

Reaching the roots of the problem

Relationships aren’t really easy to maintain. One needs to understand the value of commitment and trust.. Many problems are likely to be created over...
Rekindle Your Faded Friendship

6 Best Ways To Rekindle Your Faded Friendship

As friends grow up they also grow apart. That is the way of life. But you can change it if you really...

Caspering: A New Dating Trend That Many Are Becoming A Victim Of

“It’s been more than 7 hours and he still hasn’t replied back to my text. What is it that is keeping him...

How Young is Too Young?

What’s the right age to start dating? Razi Shaikh finds out So exactly what’s the age limit for you not to ‘do it?’ Is it when you start to...

LIVE in LOVE out?

Live-in relationships are a stage that all couples must go through in a mature relationship, but social pressures may cause internal combustion

Friends Forever Or Never?

Befriending your partner’s buddies is the key to a good relationship. Razi Sheikh scours the truth behind this statement You're out for an evening with your partner in tow but unlike...
Dealing with your crush

Dealing with a Crush

Is there a person who comes to mind when you read this title? Razi Shaikh gives you the lowdown on dealing with your crush
highschool sweethearts

The Things We Need To Know About ‘Highschool Sweethearts’

“We fell in love and paved our way skeptical eyes often led us astray. People fed on our weaknesses but we stayed...
speed dating

Speed Dating In India: Why We Still Might Be Skeptical

“Speed dating”, a relatively western concept, is a formalized matchmaking dating system, where singles meet a large number of new people and find their...

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