If You See These Signs In Your Partner, They Might Be Your ‘The One’

the one
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Gone are the days when marriages were decided over cups of teas and samosas between two families. Times have evolved and the society to a greater extent has accepted the fact that the young generation of today believes and prefers falling in love and then choosing to get married. Although a very practical approach to choosing a life partner, this process is tricky, and in most cases leads to choosing a wrong partner to share life with. While some are lucky to find someone and spend the rest of their life with them, some have to get their hearts broken multiple times before they can find ‘the one’. So how do we know who is the right one for us, who we can see ourselves spend our entire life with? Well, it isn’t that difficult.  

1. Your partner should be your best friend 

You two should be each others’ best friends. Both of you’ll should have a level of comfort that enables you’ll to share absolutely anything with each other. It is always good to flaunt your ‘made-for-each-other’ kind relationship but when it is about a ‘happily-ever-after’ relationship, sharing a strong bond and connection is key. 

2. You two should be each other’s support and not dominators

It’s just human nature to suggest more than provide support. Sometimes, all we need is support, faith, and strength from our loved ones. Partners must always have each other’s back through thick and thin. If you are with someone who has always been there for you no matter what, chances are, this person is never going to leave your side ever. 

3. You two look forward to spending the present and future together rather than focusing on the past

We all have a past, good or bad. If your last relationship brings up sour memories in your mind, you are most likely to carry the fears and insecurities that were instilled in your heart by your ex. You must keep in mind that no two people are the same. If your present relationship/partner makes you feel whole, happy and content, you should really start thinking about a potential future you can have with your partner because he might just be ‘the one’. The right partner always brings out the best of you. If this is happening with you, its a bright green signal.  

4. If you have grown together 

It is always good if you have known your partner for a longer period of time. Anyhow, it does not matter for how long you have been with your partner, what actually matters is when you stay together in the ups and downs of the life, grow together from fighting the lows to the successful highs by supporting each other. Growing together helps you value and respect your partner more and more. It generates a better understanding between the two that makes your future more worth sharing together. 

5. Jealousy without insecurity

Healthy jealousy is a symbol of true love, it makes the moments in your relationship sweet, fun and more adorable. Pure jealousy tough if turned into insecurity can start to wreck the relationship. If you are finding yourself often quarreling with your partner over insecurity, it is indicative of you two having trust issues. You might have to reconsider a few things in this case. Trust and faith in each other are the base of any relationship and a key factor that goes a long way enabling a relationship to breathe freely. 

the one
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6. You two share bad as well as good days together  

It is very easy to know you have met your forever partner when you start to feel that you cannot go a day without talking to them. Wanting to spend both happy and tough times with your partner show how important they are to you and that you have begun to value them. 

7. You respect each other’s space

Being in a relationship does not always mean that you spend all your time with each other. It is always necessary to live your individual life rather than being centered with your partner. Personal and social space are important in every individual’s life, it is a sign of being in a healthy and forever relationship when you and your partner do not demand and expect attention and spending all the time together, rather, you give each other the necessary space and even respect when any of you need to be in their personal space for a while. 

I really hope you have ticked off all the above signs and if you haven’t, it’s still not late to reconsider things. This said, who you choose to spend your life with largely determines the kind of life you will end up living. So be wise, be a little practical, notice, observe the signs and then choose what’s best for you and your partner. 


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