Behind Every Successful Woman There Can Be A ‘Perfect Man’

Perfect Man
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“He is the perfect man for you.” 

“He is good looking, smart, handsome, has a stable job. He will keep you happy and has the strength to run a family. You won’t have to take any efforts” 

“With a perfect man like him by your side, your life is sure be secured” 

These and a few more sentences quite often fall on our ears. Ever wondered what exactly makes a man perfect?  The definition of a perfect man has drastically evolved over the years with the changing of times. 

Earlier, a perfect man was considered to be someone who took care of the entire family, went out earned money to run a family, protect his wife and children, had an upper and final say in the family. Even today, though this remains more or less the same, there have been few additions in the criteria to be considered a ‘the perfect man’. 

So let’s dive in to find out what makes a ‘perfect man’ in today’s times 

The One Who Not Just Provides Financial But Also Emotional Support 

Perfect Man
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In the current time, more and more women are becoming financially independent and don’t really require any financial aid. Earlier the scenario was different. Most of the women were house makers. Those men who provide emotional support to their women become ‘the one’ for them. All we need is to have a partner who is also a best friend with who we can talk to about literally everything. A man who plays the best friend to his woman is undoubtedly a perfect man. 

The One Who Brings Out The Best Out Of His Woman 

Women have been made to feel inferior to men for ages. There are very few men today who encourage their women to take up extra-ordinary jobs. Such men deserve to be called as the ‘perfect man.’ Just like behind every successful man, there is a woman, there can be a man behind a successful woman. Yes! There are men who bring out the best out of their women. If this wouldn’t have been the case, we wouldn’t have people like Anandi Gopal Joshi, first female physician in India who got her degree due to immense support from her husband, Kiran Bedi,  a retired Indian Police Service officer, Sushma Swaraj, an Indian politician, Mary Kom, an Indian Olympic boxer, and so many more. 

The One Who Is A Feminist 


Every single girl today is realising her worth and has started believing that she is also made for the outer world. So the sooner men realise it, the better. Feminism is not about placing women at the forefront, it is about equality. Many men believe that a man should always be higher than his woman in all aspects. 

To those who believe this, get over it already. Times have changed and so have other sensible men. A man who believes that it is absolutely normal if his woman earns more than him, it is okay if she holds a higher status in her career than him, and is not jealous because she is more successful than him, well then he is a perfect man.

The One Who Respects His Woman 

The society still believes that when a man raises his voice, the woman must shut up. That’s so unfair. If women are expected to respect men, then men should too. It’s just fair. I am sure many well informed and sane men would agree to this. Gender superiority is still something that our society is fighting with. But in the midst of this, there are some real ‘perfect men’ who treat their women with the utmost respect.

The One Who Shares Chores Equally 

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Gone are the days when even working women used to come back home after a tireful day at work and then do the chores. These days men too are taking up household chores with equal responsibility and it is genuinely pleasing to know this. No! Your eyes shouldn’t hurt watching a man hold a broom in his hand. 

Men who have ticked off all the above mentioned points, congratulations, you are the perfect men! 


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