If Your Partner Says ‘I Love You’ Without Saying ‘‘I Love You”, They Are ‘The One’

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Exchanging ‘I Love Yous’ often, with your partner in a committed relationship on a daily basis is essential. It gives both individuals reassurance and makes each other feel belonged. Is it always enough though, to show love to your partner simply by saying I love you? I doubt!  

There are many other ways in which your partner might be saying I love You without actually saying I Love You. If they are doing so, they are definitely the one for you! 

Scroll to know some of them

I have been waiting for you to watch this movie trailer with you/Let’s watch the final season together 

Take your medicines on time

How is your day going? 

I was hungry, so I ordered for myself. I have also ordered food for you

I have charged your phone and kept 

I’ve done the dishes 


I am sorry. I was wrong here 

I am always there to listen to you and help you solve your problems

We’ll get you through this. I have your back 

Sleep well. Take care

Don’t worry about that. Leave it to me. I’ll take care of it

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This meal is on me 

I just called to hear your voice.

You look great today, as always 

This reminded me of you 

Nothing is more important than your comfort 

I enjoy spending time with you the most 

You are my best eating partner

I will always hold your hand through life  

I’ll make hot coffee/tea for you

I’ll come with you to the doctor 

Do you need me to get anything for you while coming? 

Let me know when you reach home safely

You too can say these little things to your partner and say I love you without saying it. Believe me, sometimes, these little things, when said, make the heart happier than it gets with a simple ‘I love you.’


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