The One Night Stand


Does it work for you? Razi Shaikh tells you the good, bad and all that is in between one night stands

Every topic needs an introduction. This one doesn’t. If you don’t get what we are talking of straight away, you’re at the wrong place!
So we begin. And as always, first things first!

Get this clear, one night stands aren’t meant for everyone. If you’re the kind who attaches to people easily, the type who would expect the night to be followed by a breakfast and even the promise of meeting again some time in the near future, this isn’t for you. You’re out to have fun and that’s meant strictly for that one night. Says Tasneem Merchant, a 19-year-old, “I feel that a one night stand is strictly for those who are capable of physical intimacy without getting emotionally attached. A person should not expect more out of it and it should be seen as an outlet for pure bodily instincts.”

This one seems legit. Let’s admit it; people do not carry their medical reports stamped across their foreheads. In the scenario of a one night stand though, that would be most helpful. Remarks Media student Priteegandha Naik, “I think it is too risky. You don’t know anything about the person. What if the person has some infectious sexual disease? Granted that the experience may be exciting and adventurous but the stakes are too high.”
The dude you met at the bar may have the most enticing body. Or the chick with those seductive looks needs to be taken head on without a second thought. Thing is, sexually transmitted diseases are very much fatal. Keep testing yourself regularly, and before indulging in the act, make sure your partner is not infected. Priyanka Chopra says “I condemn one night stands completely. For me, I think it shows the level of disrespect you have towards your body, if you’re indulging in casual sex. If you’re in love with someone, it just doesn’t make sense to me why you would just sleep with someone to satisfy your sexual appetite…”

If you’re fond of serious relationships, this could be a dampener to your spirits. One night stands are meant to be short. There’s no further involvement expected and you’ll be messing with things if you even try for it. Agreeing on that, Nicole Paralkar, Mass Media student, 18, says, “One night stand is just a way most people try and get out of failed relationships or a way to satisfy their sexual desires with no drama, emotions or anything like that. Just let the frustration out and walk away without looking back.”

You have a wild side to yourself. It keeps urging you to break free from all that’s holding you back. What if you actually follow that instinct? The fun and pleasure aside, you may just gain a lot more. More than anything else, you’ll get to discover yourself. Nothing like trying out something new to know yourself better.

Relationships might be the abodes of lasting love, timeless commitments and other related fantasies, but let’s be frank, they can be draining. You can be in a relationship to safeguard your emotions and you may well end up surviving just on those ends. It can drain you emotionally. Hold on to this thought and then think of one night stands. A lot less draining on your nerves and your emotional attachments. For some, this is nothing short of paradise!

“I think every woman should have a one-night stand,” says TV personality Rachel Perry, voicing her support for one night stands. “If it’s done right, it can be liberating.”
Once upon a time, some wise sage surely must have remarked that guilt is a waste of energy. Okay, I’m not sure about this sage, but it’s far clearer that indulging in your fantasies, gratifying yourself and letting yourself go wild can perhaps be the most liberating thing ever.

The ‘you’ in this statement is pronounced. Are you okay going ahead with it? You may have your own ideas about sex and its ‘purer’ cousin love. At the end of the day, do they allow you the liberty of indulging in one night stands? A fine line drawn by the invisible forces in your head make you pause before jumping to the other side. Advises actress Neha Dhupia, “As long as you are not hurting anyone, one-night stands are fine!” Note that this ‘anyone’ includes you as well.
And one last thing. There’s something you like and there’s something you don’t. There’s no grey patch in between that entitles you ‘to be a sport’. By all means, go ahead with a one night stand, only if you’re cool with it.

“I think every woman should have a one-night stand. If it’s done right, it can be liberating.” – Rachel Perry, TV personality


  • You don’t need to hook up with the first person you find in the night. Be choosy, have your pick.
  • Use protection. A packet of condoms is always a safe bet. You never know when you’re going to need it.
  • Alcohol and a wild night sound like the perfect adventure. However, landing up in a stranger’s place, having sex without protection and having a terrible hangover later is certainly not going to be fun.
  • Read the second point again. Yeah, it’s that important!


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  1. And you guys seem to be forgetting that in Indian culture, its very difficult to accept girls who do one night stands. We are normally called s**ts if we do.


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