Why Marrying Young Improves Health And Happiness

Why Marrying Young Improves Health And Happiness
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Across most countries worldwide, people are marrying much later in life. However, it can be beneficial to connect with the right person when you are young and share precious memories with them. Stability and happiness are things that everyone strives for, and marriage can bring those things and more. Here are some of the reasons why marrying young can improve your life.

Health And Happiness

A healthy marriage can lead to a sense of fulfillment that even the best high-flying career can’t necessarily bring. Sharing your life, your troubles, your fears and your home with someone who is perfect for you can be a very healthy way to live. Married people tend to take fewer risks as they have more than themselves to think about. A 2014 study published in Psychology Bulletin shows that they also lead healthier lifestyles due to the motivational influence couples have on each other, and they’re at a lower risk of stroke, heart disease and even depression.

Making A Strong Commitment

Making a commitment to another person is a huge step, and many people feel reluctant to do this at a young age. However, studies show that young adults who marry report higher life satisfaction than those who have no relationship. Young people may need more reassurance before making such a big commitment, and this often comes in the form of an engagement ring. Psychology Today shows that the symbol of the engagement ring is still important to couples who may be anxious about the potential loss of a partner. Many people involve their partner in selecting a ring, and an increasing number have it custom made to strengthen their bond.

Having Children Young

Children usually follow marriage, and when you’re marrying young, there is plenty of time to enjoy being with your partner beforehand. A review published in The Open Nursing Journal reports that there are some health risks when having children over the age of 35, including genetic risks and health problems for mothers. They do not affect everyone, but the prospect of this may cause anxiety. Being married young means there are likely to be fewer risks when becoming a parent, and you will also have more time to expand your family if you should choose to.   

Marriage is a huge commitment, and there can be many pressures to marry young. However, it can be the right decision if you have met the right person to share your life with.


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