5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Your Relationship To Live Long

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Let’s get real, a relationship doesn’t just survive on exchanging ‘I love yous’ every day and making “aww so cute” gestures for your ‘special someone’. It demands more than that. Many relationships today are suffering due to silly mistakes couples make that cost them a relationship. It’s time to realize where you might be going wrong and improvise.

Every couple should avoid committing these 5 mistakes for a stronger bond and relationship.

Lacking Communication:

mistakes to avoid in a relationship
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All are busy in life and all have work but that doesn’t mean that you don’t take out time to talk to your partner. Not talking and communicating on a daily basis is the worst mistake you can do in a committed relationship. Take out at least 20 minutes minimum of your day to dial your partner’s number and share how was your day. Get to know how your partner’s day was, have a nice conversation, talk about important stuff like your careers or family issues, share problems and happiness, express how you feel about things around you, make sure if your partner is fine, etc. Conversations are building blocks of any relationship without which a relationship just can’t progress. If your partner has already started complaining about not giving him/her enough time, it’s an alarm for you to start improvising and making time. Lack in communication can give out a message to your partner of you not having an interest to talk which is really not going to work in your favour.

Complaining about your Partner to Everyone but Not to your Partner:

 A one on one conversation is always the best way to approach any problem. Many people have a habit of complaining about their partner to their friends. If you are having any issue with your partner, make sure to bring it to his/her notice. It does not make any sense to keep complaining about your issues to the wrong person. Without you complaining to your partner, he/she is not going to realize what has gone wrong or what you want him/her to do. Complaining about your partner and how unhappy it is making you, to someone who will listen will only make you feel better temporarily. That is never going to be a solution. So open up to your partner, let him/her know what is bothering you. This way, both of you can work things out and find a way to resolve the issue/problem.

Only Talking and Not Listening:

If you are the talker, make sure to listen as well. Don’t turn a deaf ear to what your partner is saying after you have finished talking. If you have spoken, it is your turn now to listen. Many have a habit of talking only when they feel like and have a conversation when they are in the ‘mood’ to and have the time to talk. That is not fair. Take interest and make an attempt to listen intently to what your partner has got to share with you. A two way communication is extremely important for a relationship to blossom. Everyone wants someone by their side who listens. Be there to listen, make your partner feel heard. It helps in building a relationship real strong.

Not Being Authentic:

Accept your partner with open arms. Make him/her feel absolutely comfortable. If you really love and care for your partner, keep an open mind. Don’t pretend to be someone who you are not. Open up, express your emotions and thoughts freely without feeling scared of being judged. Remember the more free and open you become to your partner, the more likely your partner is to do the same. Even if you don’t like a particular thing about your partner, let your partner know about it. Be honest. Don’t hide things from your partner. Being fake with your partner is a complete no no!

mistakes to avoid in relationship
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Not Providing Emotional Support:

Couples in a relationship always look for emotional support and strength. If you are not available to help and provide that emotional support when your partner needs it the most, you can become a major disappointment for your partner. If this happens repeatedly from your end, your partner is probably going to reconsider being in a relationship with you. So don’t push your ‘special someone’ to this extent. Be there for your partner as not just his/her boyfriend/girlfriend but also as a best friend whom he/she can count on.


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