Express Eyes

Make your eyes bigger, sexier, and glamorous in a jiffy

The Budget Shop!

Looking stylish doesn't mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket. Youth Inc shows of two readers who shop within Rs - 3,000

The Fashionista

Her majors were finance and computers, but her heart was set on design. She followed her heart to FIT, New York, to study design, and carved a special place for herself. Accessories and footwear designer Rina Shah shares her experiences

Men in Limelight

The fashion focus is increasingly shifting towards men so it's time to pull up your socks and take notice

The Butt is Back

Jlo was named 27th out of the best artists of the decade in the 2000s, has appeared in a number of Hollywood films, and...

Single: Girl Wanted!

Neil Nitin Mukesh is a frustrated, unshaven little boy. Everyone seems to only be interested in whom he is dating and who the mystery...

Ohh Baby!

Congratulation to the cold, but very beautiful, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The good news about baby Bachchan was revealed to the world by none other...

Shoe it Right!

With the plethora of shoe options available in the market, narrowing down to a selected few can be a daunting task. Youth Inc attempts the Herculean task!

Why Fox got the BOOT

We all heard a wide array of rumours about why actress Megan Fox was kicked off the set of the Hollywood Blockbuster Transformers: Dark...

In the Jeans

How to get the right pair of jeans? Youth Inc helps you find your favourite pair of denims

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