social media

Inspiring Elements of Social Media that Caused Change: #MeToo, #Kashmir

When the internet, more specifically social media became a means of communication carrying the ability to reach an audience more than a...
Old Delhi

Old Delhi Through The Lens

A city is not defined by the boundaries on the map. Old Delhi’s true essence just doesn't lie in the architectural monuments...
October Heat

Easy Tips To Protect Your Skin This October Heat

The sun is raging and radiating heat like never before. Just putting on sunglasses and caps is not going to be enough...
mental health experts

Your Yellow Page For Mental Health Experts

In today's world, five out of every ten people irrespective of their age suffer from some or the other kind of pressure...

Why #NoBraDay Was Trending On Twitter In India On 13th October?

If you happened to check Twitter yesterday, 13th October, you may have noticed a hashtag trending. That’s right. The hashtag #NoBraDay was...

Prehistoric Petroglyphs and Other Tourist Attractions in Anguilla

Just north of Saint Martin, Anguilla is a British territory. It consists of the main island as well as several smaller islets,...
Climate Action Summit 2019

The Movement of Climate Action Summit: Past to Present

Today, each intellectual individual must focus on the building issue of climate change in our atmosphere and anyone, even minutely vocal about...
Minimalists lifestyle

Do You Feel Bad To Have A Minimalist Lifestyle? Then Don’t!

Do you know that some of the most wealthy and smart people in the world lead a minimalist lifestyle? Yes! You read...
October Heat

Run Away To These Cool Places Because October Heat Says Hi!

After the heavy showers, the skies are now gifting us the October heat. The gloomy weather and black clouds are now replaced...

Talk Your Thoughts Out Loud, They Matter

If only people would have just said this one sentence to their loved one, “What is bothering you? Talk it out”, there...

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