Practicing Wellness: An Attempt Towards Living A Healthy Lifestyle

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Throughout the years, my way of incorporating wellness into my life has evolved. Practicing wellness grants me the opportunity to remain healthy in different avenues of life (ie. emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, etc). Since wellness encompasses so much, it is unique to each individual and thus involves a creative approach to maintaining our well-being. I believe true contentment breeds from fully participating in daily activities and making them meaningful. 

Here, I discuss ways to incorporate wellness into everyday lives.

Through Food

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Practice mindful eating by removing electronics, engaging with others in conversation, and really taking a few moments to appreciate and think about where the food originates from. Oftentimes, there is a greater sense of appreciation for the food when thinking about how meticulously it was grown and packaged before coming into the market for purchasing, and the amount of effort this process took. 

Being aware of how certain foods have specific ingredients can improve our physical and emotional health is important. Foods with higher levels of tryptophan, for example, are known to increase serotonin levels, thus boosting our mood. 

Preparing certain foods can also be great for one’s well-being and provides another opportunity to practice mindfulness. For me personally, making homemade chai from scratch is therapeutic. I truly enjoy the process of grinding the ginger and stirring the spices for a more flavorful tea. While I make the tea, I try to involve my senses by taking in the scent of the strong spices and ginger and watching the golden brown color form. 

Connect with Nature

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Connecting with the outdoors serves as a great reminder of how all living beings are interconnected and provides a great way to recharge. This mutual support of all living beings allows me to feel a sense of belonging to a larger community. Doing yoga outside, or even walking outside can help clear the mind to better focus on daily goals. 

Self-reflection and Sleep

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Creating a gratitude list can help form an empowered attitude and an abundance mindset. Writing out a list of tasks accomplished during the day alongside a to-do list can set the tone for tomorrow. Additionally, I avoid caffeine after around 5 pm and looking at electronics an hour before bed to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. 

These are just some ways I have incorporated wellness into my everyday life. Though there are many forms, it is important to understand that our well-being directly affects our thoughts, actions, and emotions. Maintaining one’s well-being helps reduce stress levels and risks of health issues while forming meaningful relationships and ultimately a better quality of life. 

These, though are basic things, add great value to our lifestyle. Practicing such wellness can lead to having a healthy lifestyle. So, when are you starting? 


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