Being Minimalist: Packing, Budgeting As A Solo Traveler

Solo traveler
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“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are!”
Traveling solo is essential and important for the mind and soul. However, becoming a solo traveler can be really heavy for our budget and mess up with our plans to see the world. In such situations, we fail to find better solutions, as we find them less reliable.

Catering to your needs in mind, here are some realistic methods that can help you, not just for sole budgetary assistance, but also packing and being a minimalist when it comes to traveling alone. 

Packing like a minimalist, for starters might seem like a big task. I have broken these down in steps for your perusal: 

Use a Small Bag

Using a small bag would also encourage you to be minimalist. It would also assist you to think wisely on what you actually want to take, and whatnot. 

Sort Clothing

Pack your clothing in a manner that will consume the least space. Figure out beforehand how much clothing to take, and what type, on the basis of your trip. It actually sorts your priorities and lets you decide more clearly

Prioritize Electronics

While you might want to take all those gadgets with you, take a wise call. You probably do not need to carry your laptop in every space, and this way, you could start figuring out on the need vs want. 

eReader over Books 

solo traveler
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It is a really common backup for everybody when traveling alone. Skip taking books, they take too much space. A rather slick e-reader or tablet might just become a savior, here. 

Food and Choices

DO not take food with you, or spend much on restaurants. The most important saving point, for budget and packing as a solo traveler, is to go to the supermarket and eat only essentials. You could definitely try some local food also, but never carry food with you. 

NowSaving and budgeting can be done in many simple methods, be it as a solo traveler or while traveling in a group. These are a few specific ones to the solo traveler, however, you may find them helpful in groups as well: 

Booking Prior to Months of the Trip

When planning a trip, start early. Do not wait for the month of your trip to arrive for you to book the tickets. It is wise to take offers that are at least partially refundable just in case. People usually take six months prior when planning a trip abroad, and a month and a half for domestic. 

Take Hostels over Hotels

Hostels are a great way to meet new people and learn about diverse cultures. While it may seem to be a little tedious to be in a space with so many different people, it is really cheap and worth it. 

Download Great Applications for Assistance

Applications like SkyScanner are really helpful, as the price for tickets is really cheap in their offerings. They also offer help on choosing the places to see and more exploration. 

Finally, I hope this could help you plan your next trip. 



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