Live A Sustainable Life In An Absolute Cool Way

sustainable life
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“I someday wish to own a villa of my own”, 

“Once I start earning a good amount, I will buy a Mercedes”, 

“I wish I had the money to buy every single garment in this store”,

 “All I wish is to not feel guilty for spending 400 bucks on a coffee every morning”. 

 Living a lavish life is what we all dream about, but living a sustainable life isn’t that bad too. Rather, it’s easy and fun to lead a sustainable life. At least you won’t have to spend time calculating multiple bills sitting in your own villa.  

Switching to a sustainable life will seem like a daunting task initially, but once you get used to it, you will find yourself getting rid of all the hassle that a luxurious life demands. Sustainable life, easily put is a kind of lifestyle that involves the usage of only those environments and personal resources which we require to survive. Strictly following this can surely be overwhelming but is possible to a greater extent. 

Here are a few easy ways to begin living a sustainable life:  

Try to avoid plastic as much as you can 

sustainable life
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We are surrounded by plastic. We even start our day by using a toothbrush that is made from plastic. The food we order too is delivered in plastic containers. Although we think it’s difficult to find alternatives for plastic, it’s not. There are many brands existing today that are making good alternatives of plastic available to us. Bamboo toothbrushes and hairbrushes are a cool alternative. Metal straws, glass bottles, wooden spoons and straws are the best alternatives to plastic that you can easily carry with you in your bag. You can also start using cloth bags rather than plastic or paper bags. Tote bags are very useful and also look pretty. While these were some examples to get you started, there are many other options available as well. So consider all options before you make the easiest choice. 

Use natural beauty products 

sustainable life
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Advertisements have made it difficult for us to turn our eyes away from the attractive body lotions and face wash that promise us a skin as soft as butter. It’s not necessary that only these products can make us all beautiful and gorgeous. Remember what is natural is the best. Use products that have less chemicals and include more natural ingredients. There are many brands which provide you with organic beauty products. If not that, you can also make your ‘dadi’s’ trusted face packs. Sandalwood, turmeric, curd, aloe vera, lemon juice, essential oils, etc. are all-natural ways to enhance not just your beauty but also the health of your skin and skin. So instead of exhausting all your salary behind overpriced branded beauty products,  give this a try, because dadi’s nuskhe will never fail!

Switch To Natural Foods

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How many times have you returned home with a box full of fruits and instead filled your bellies with burgers and fries? Nature gives you plenty of healthy things. No matter how much you hate eating methi ki sabji and chapati, or dislike munching carrots and raisins, it’s the healthiest. If you just can’t resist eating outside junk food, it’s better you uninstall online food delivering apps. Be a little strict with yourself and you will do wonders. You also need to stop grabbing packaged food while on your way to the next meeting. Carry a bottle of water with you instead of buying bottled water every single day. 

DIY Over Buying 

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sustainable life
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If you are someone who loves decorating your house, you will also be someone with a habit to purchase cute things for your home. Do you know that you don’t really need to purchase things to make your house look pretty? Everything you need to make your home look decorative is in your house itself. You can use your granny’s or mom’s old saree as window curtains, old t-shirts as pillowcases, CDs as coasters, wine bottles as lanterns or flower vase, etc. Just wake your creative mind up and see for yourself what you do. 

Use public transport 

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This is the most obvious and sensible way to live a sustainable life. Travelling by train or bus is not just economical, but also environment-friendly. Try cycling if you have to travel to a nearby place or simply just walk. You will exercise and also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Pretty cool isn’t it? 

Living a sustainable life does include a little hard work but is beneficial in the long run. If you are willing to make a genuine effort to cut down unnecessary usage of resources, you must start now. Trust us, you will end up liking living in a sustainable way. Besides, what’s the harm in initiating something good in life? 


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