Star Speak – Shane Filan

Shane Filan was the lead singer of the world famous boy band Westlife for 14 years. He has now embarked on a solo career...

No Age Bar

Nisha Jamwal delves deeper into the world of romantic overtures between a younger man and an older woman Demi Moore may have been the initial poster girl...

Beach Wear trends for Spring

The swimwear trends for 2012 offer something for everyone. Swimwear designers are using solids and prints in a variety of combinations to celebrate the season. Black is...

The ‘Millennial’ Culture Of Quitting Day Jobs to Travel

What a wonderful life it would be to stroll the streets in Paris, and wind up at a French Patisserie savouring a croissant washing...
Rekindle Your Faded Friendship

6 Best Ways To Rekindle Your Faded Friendship

As friends grow up they also grow apart. That is the way of life. But you can change it if you really...

The Liquor Shop Kid

Sanjana Keerthi pens an eye-opening tale that will hit you where it hurts the most The rains had started and the streets of Chennai were...
eve teasing

Whistling, Cat Calling And The Like

Eve teasing is common throughout South East Asia, and especially in India, a majority of women will have experienced eve teasing, inappropriate staring or...

How Far Would You Go on the First Date?

Ritika Ranjan points out some signs to look out for on your first date
reuse waste for home decor

Reuse Waste and Make Your Home Look Pretty

All own a house, but transforming it into a home requires the right kind of items. Just like we match our clothing...

The Backpacking Bucket List!

Youth Inc brings you the places on our Backpacking Bucket list in India. These affordable destinations highlight the diversity of our vast country. So pick a spot, grab a bag and explore!

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