From Pilani To Jaipur

Jaipur, in all its grandeur, isn’t just for the affluent traveler. Shubham Thakur has a few humorous anecdotes, that will help you get by on low-budget...

Glimpses of a Beautiful Mind

In light of the recent crimes that have rocked the Indian consciousness, Nisha JamVwal shares Israel’s President Shimon Peres’ inspiring philosophy on humanity                               Time for...
un-branding fashion

Un-Branding Fashion: A Concept Well Explained For The Youth

Brands and style are not synonymous as many believe; style comes with a good dash of self-assurance, says Nisha JamVwal

5 Major Aspects You Shouldn’t Overlook In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is certainly beautiful, but it's the deal-breakers that can make it tough to stay. Here we identify five such major 'deal-breakers'...

Puducherry Joie De Vivre

Sukrit Dhandhania takes you on a day tour of pondicherry, a haven that evokes love of life
tiny homes

Tiny Homes : Something To Take Note Of

In many developing nations such as ours, we have always seen largeness as a quality to aspire for. Big cars, homes and lives are...

Smart Mobility Solutions

There were the good old cycle rickshaw days, where the rickshaw could be hailed almost from the doorstep and would always drop one back...

Native Shoes Launches its first Shoe Collection in India

Canadian brand Native recently launched his spring summer 2014 shoe collection titled Fade into the Blue. The collection comprises of a series of closed...

How Young is Too Young?

What’s the right age to start dating? Razi Shaikh finds out So exactly what’s the age limit for you not to ‘do it?’ Is it when you start to...


Prachi Jhadav gets a vibrant new look after Lekha Shah, senior stylist at The Cut Collective, works her makeover magic!   1. A combination of red...

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