‘Trek Train’ Yourself To Have A Fulfilling Experience

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It is a dream of a lot of people to go for a trek at least once in a lifetime. Trekking is filled with adventure, exploring and a lot of fun, but many people think it is not their cup of tea since it leads to a lot of physical exertion. The truth is, trekking is a soft-adventure sport and almost anyone in a reasonable physical condition can go for a trek.

Trekking is hard work and you need pre-trip planning to make the experience more exciting. You should be prepared for a lot of things in advance because nobody wants to spend their time nursing blisters and sore legs throughout the trek. The time period for training depends upon the level of difficulty of a trek.

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To make your experience much more fulfilling, here are a few things to keeping in mind:

Choose The Right Shoe

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Your feet are the most important body part when you go out for a trek and it is your responsibility to take full care of them. You should invest in a good pair of shoes because it is necessary that they offer enough stability and are durable as well. Your shoes should be comfortable and supportive because it’s been rightly said ‘your shoes could make or break your trip’. Once you have chosen your pair of shoe, you are supposed to wear it as much as possible. This will help you in avoiding blisters during the trek. Buy some good pairs of hiking socks as well which will keep your feet dry.

Start Walking

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Once you decide to go on a trek make a point to include walking in your daily routine. Start with a short distance for around 15-20 minutes and then keep on increasing it day by day. You can even leave a day in between when you start your training so that your body can recover. But with time, when your body becomes fitter try to go for long walks every day because it will build up your stamina and will mentally prepare you for a long trek.

Eat Healthy

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When you start your training you will need energy. It is important that you choose the right food which will keep you in good shape. Avoid junk food for a while and eat some healthy vegetables and fruits to improve your stamina. 

During the trek it is important to keep yourself hydrated all the time. You should eat properly otherwise you will start feeling weak. You can even keep some snacks like dry fruits, nuts or protein bars with yourself when you go for the trek since these are quick sources of energy and you can eat them while walking as well. 

Practice Using Your Backpack

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While you train for your trek, try to practice using your loaded backpack. It will give you an idea regarding the weight you will have to lift throughout the trek and will help you know the right technique of lifting. Food, water, spare clothes and camera are some of the essentials which you will need to carry, but try to keep your backpack as light-weighted as you can. Your position of walking changes when you have a backpack on your shoulders so try to maintain a good body posture so that your shoulders don’t hurt. You can even practice with a heavier backpack than usual so that you feel the weight is light while you go for the actual trek.

Train On Steep

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When you go for a trek, you will have to walk on rocky and uneven terrain so it is important that you don’t train yourself solely on level surfaces or roads. If possible, find a small hillock around your area and prepare yourself where the path is a bit steep and muddy. This will reduce your difficulties while you climb the mountain on the trek. Other than this, you should take the stairs whenever you get a chance and avoid lifts or escalators. This will help you build calves and stamina.

Prepare Yourself Emotionally And Mentally

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Mental health is equally important for a person as physical health. Along with focusing on your fitness try to keep a positive mindset throughout the process to get the desired results. A trek is a difficult task and one has to be passionate and optimistic throughout the trip to reach the target. Try to keep your mood good to make the experience more fun and exciting. Enjoy the scenic views around you while you move close to your target and try to forget everything else. Treks are meant to get lost so that you could find yourself, remember that!

Treks are the best kind of break you can take from your mundane routine. Make sure you go on a trek at least once every two months. You will return back to your routine feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. SO, when are you planning to trek? 


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