Has Blogging As A Career Reached A Dead End? Maybe Or Maybe Not


Blogging has enabled others to raise their voice and share opinions. A few decades ago, only media personalities could share their views openly, but now blogging has become an essential tool to express someone’s thoughts with just one click. 

Blogging is an important form of marketing and both are interlinked. The quality of content, frequently updating your blog and a well-designed blog site are some practices of good blogging. Brand collaboration is essential as well when it comes to reaching the mass audience. Using different types of media like images, videos and audios, engage the audience along with the textual content. 

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The important question to raise though is that, is blogging a viable career to pursue anymore? To understand this, let’s look at its pros and cons. 


You are your own boss

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Contrasting to the common 9 to 5 jobs under someone else, blogging gives you an opportunity to be your own boss and work any time of the day.

You can plan work easily and schedule it according to your convenience.

Better results

As there is no one giving you orders constantly, you can work freely. The timings are feasible and you can easily concentrate on your work. This will certainly let you gain better results and more scope of self-improvement.

Better earnings

As we say, content is the king, the user will always keep a track of your work if your content is unique. Once you succeed to secure a spot of creating unique content in the market, you’ll start earning enough to satisfy your needs as well as luxuries. 

Coupled with texts, brand endorsements and some good video content, you’ll lure more people to your blog. Hence, you’ll not just develop an identity, but also will be earning a huge chunk of money.


Time consuming

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Creating newer content can be quite time-consuming and also exhausting. Keeping users up to date can be frustrating as the creator feels loss of content. It becomes challenging for the creator to think of some unique content to serve the criticizing audience.

Improper schedule

There are many bloggers who also do a 9-5 job. For such bloggers, it becomes very challenging to keep up with the blogging schedule. Maintaining a proper schedule is crucial to maintain the SEO score. Since juggling between two tasks becomes unmanageable, the quality of the blog deteriorates, thus ending in the loss of audience. 

Takes time to start earning 

Your blog will only give you monetary returns if you succeed in attracting a large amount of audience. It is only then that brands will want to advertise their product on your blog. For this to happen, your content needs to be outstanding. In a world where there exists cutting edge competition even in the world of content, it is truly challenging to stand out from a pool of content creators. 

Future of Blogging:

Is blogging dead? The answer is ‘No’. It’s simply reborn. In fact, people look forward to new and unique content daily. Sure, video content is in trends but it does not mean that blogging will die. 

The success of blogging solely depends on how and in what way do you invest your creativity, efforts and intelligence into it. People will be attracted to your blog if you produce good content. Remember that though vlogging is more feasible than blogging, there are yet a majority of people who love to read. 

Sure the popularity of blogging is dripping a bit, and there is one major reason for it. Blogs these days carry a lot of advertisements and most of the content that bloggers put up, promote brands, links and products. Too much of this gets on the nerves of the audience. This is a key point to remember. 

This said, advertising and promoting brands isn’t incorrect or unethical, it must just not be overdone. Your blogs also need to be organic and honest.  

Additionally with the correct use of social media, reaching out to a larger audience becomes easy. Blogging has emerged wonderfully over the years, especially after the coming of social media. You should just know how to put different elements in the right use. 


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