Calling Yourself Vegan Won’t Be Right If Your Fashion Speaks Otherwise

Vegan Fashion
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Veganism is considered as abstaining the use of eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey; basically, everything that comes from animals. But going vegan is not limited only to excluding animal products from your diet but also from your lifestyle as a whole. 

While considering fashion and beauty, some restrict themselves from looking towards animal welfare. Fashion is a way to convey one’s feelings and if your clothes do not share the frame of your mind then everything becomes futile.

These inspiring fashion brands chose to nurture the unheard lives rather than entangling them for our benefits by contributing to a multifaceted environmental crisis, so they’re making responsible choices by creating their fashionable wares with cruelty-free, recycled sustainable materials.

Peta Vegan Fashion
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Let us look at the brands approved by PETA, that has adopted vegan fashion:

SUSI Studio

SUSI Studio manufactures absolutely cruelty-free footwear from recycling rubber and other materials that are environment friendly.

Vegan Fashion
Image Credits: SUSI Studio (Instagram)

Native Shoes

Native Shoes ensures us that its production process is completely clean and green. Along with its low-emission manufacturing process and recyclable-material packaging, the best part of these products are that it’s 100 percent animal-friendly.

Image Credits: Native Shoes (Instagram)

Planet Guests

This brand is anchored on local, sustainable, vegan, and handmade garments and accessories. Many items, are ecologically-established with zero carbon-dioxide emissions.

Image Credits: Planet Guests (Instagram)


Wawwa aspires to make its clothing climate neutral. They use only renewable energy sources for manufacturing their products, avoiding excessive CO2 emissions during their production. The company is a certified social firm, and its garment is 100 percent organic and certified vegan by PETA.

Wully Outerwear

Wully Outerwear gravitates towards limiting its carbon footprint, as they constantly strive to make their production as green as they can be. The brand is committed to reducing CO2 emissions, further putting its efforts to protect wildlife.

It is not only clothes that carry the sacrifices of animal lives, but also cosmetics that are used all around the globe. These cosmetics brands too, support veganism and adapted it into revolutionary vegan beauty. 

The Body Shop

Endorsed by actress Shraddha Kapoor, The Body Shop has a wide range of beauty products that are vegan. Explore the cruelty-free bath & body products like shower gel, exfoliating soap or body butter, lotion and mist by The Body Shop India.

Vegan Fashion
Image Credits: The Body Shop (Instagram)

NYX Cosmetics

The brand, NYX Cosmetics, has confirmed that it is absolutely cruelty-free. They do not test finished products or ingredients on animals and also don’t sell their products where animal testing is needed by law.

Image Credits: NYX Cosmetics (Instagram)


Rheson, an Indian clothing and accessories brand by Sonam and Rhea Kapoor, has nabbed PETA’s Compassionate Business Award, for their bags made entirely from non-leather materials.

Vegan Fashion
Image Credits: Rheson (Instagram)

House of Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre won a Compassionate Designer Award by PETA for her refusal to use leather within her designed products. She is leading India’s fight in giving residents more vegan-friendly alternatives to select from.

Vegan Fashion
Image Credits: Anita Dongre (Instagram)

Anxiology Beauty

Anxiology aims to make the cleanest and most ethical lipsticks on the planet. This brand is 100 percent cruelty-free and has adapted veganism in their beauty products.

Image Credits: Anxiology Beauty (Instagram)

Are Indian Consumers in support of Vegan Fashion and Beauty?

In spite of the fact that vegetarianism is widely accepted and has accomplished its way of life in India, veganism is relatively new concept.

The rise in the awareness related to mistreatment of animals and the elevating environmental degradation associated with rearing animals has led to the increase in demand for vegan substitutes. The urban Indians are looking to move away from garments and cosmetics that make animals suffer needlessly in its creation & testing.

A modern woman is more aware regarding the cosmetic ingredients and looks them up on web for information on safety and ethics. This is great news for vegan products as they have been developed more recently, and tend to have modern formulations.

Presently, the fashion and beauty brands have kept consumerism and environmentalism in mind and have designed products that are cruelty-free and vegan, as people have started choosing environment friendly alternatives.


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