Battle of the Covers


Happy-Pharell Williams

Cover by- Laura White

We Love- The vocalist’s soulful voice and the musician’s great guitar playing.

Cover by-Alexa Godard

We Love- The impressive use of the cajon throughout the song adds to the song’s happy-factor.


Cover by- Michelle Montezeri

We Love- The high-notes are perfect without it be overdone.

Cover by- Michael and Jackie Crasto

We Love- The impeccable falsetto by Michael throughout the chorus.

Pompeii- Bastille

Cover by- Danny Eggenhuizen

We Love- The vibe of the video teamed with beautiful usage of instruments – the cajon, the shaker and the guitar. 

Cover by- UponCollide

We Love- The raw edge to the voices of the singers teamed with acoustic rhythm, a good cover to indie rock band Bastille’s original.


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