7 Google Allo Features That Makes It Better Than Other Messenger Apps

Google Allo

A new messaging app is up in the markets and this time it is by none other than Google itself. Yes, Google has now launched a messaging app Allo which is going to shake up the competition between Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger that boast of having a user base of over a billion users already. Below are some features of Google Allo that makes it instantly likable.

Smart Replies

Smart replies is one of the most impressive features of Allo where the app will give you reply options in context with the conversation. For example, if someone send you ‘How are you’ Allo will give you an option of replying ‘I am good, how about you’ without even typing a word. It is very convenient when you are chatting while doing something. It also has a picture recognition incorporated which enable it to write responses for images too.

Google Assistant

One other highlights of Allo is the Google Assistant integration. This brings the search functionality into the app. There is a separate chat section for Google Assistant where users can type their questions and get all the information directly in the app. It’s possible to search for hotels, flights, movie theatres and many other things directly using this function. Along with this, Google Assistant can also be added in a private chat. If you’re bored, you can have a conversation with the Google Assistant wherein you can ask it to tell jokes, recite poems, play games, serve up news headlines, sports scores, and much more.

Whisper and Shout

This feature will make chatting with friends fun. When you want to emphasize on something just type out your message, hold down on the Send button, and drag your finger upwards. You can actually increase the size of the text you’re sending. Similarly, when you want to say something quietly you can reduce the size of the font in the same manner.

Incognito Chats

Allo has the option of chatting in incognito mode. It’s based on the Google’s open signal protocol that is designed to offer a secure chatting experience. In order to use Incognito mode, one has to start a new conversation and tap ‘Start Incognito chat’ option. After that, the timer icon needs to be tapped to specify the time after which messages will be deleted. If a user receives a message while in Incognito mode, he/she won’t be able to see its contents on the lockscreen.

Scribble feature

Scribble feature on Allo lets the user write on the photos. Anything can be written on photos using different colours. However, this feature is currently only available on Android. It’s expected to be available on iOS soon.

With all these amazing features, Allo is a must try app right now but like every other app there is room for improvement in this one too like there is no option for sending documents and no calling as well but all in all it gives its users a good hassle free messaging experience.


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