5 Last Minute Birthday Gifts

birthday gift

So it’s your friend’s birthday and you still haven’t figured out what are you going to gift them? No time to visit stores or make a card? And your mom just won’t buy something and help you or this time you want to ‘make’ something for your special.

Worry not! Allow us to give you a few gift suggestions, your birthday babe is going to love it

1. Coffee stencils: They love coffee, they’ll love this set of coffee stencils. So easy to  make fun  Cappuccino’s, Coffee, Latte’s or Hot Chocolate with this. I loved it.

1. personalised-coffee-stencil

2. Fun stationery: How about a nice filmy to-do’s list? Or personalized diary? Or a cute notebook! Stationary they can use and every time they do, they’ll remember you. These things are easy to get online.

A book, gift them a book. Period.


3. Men’s grooming kit: if your friend happens to love his beard, a grooming kit is the best present to show that you like it too. He’ll love it. And they’re so easy to get online.


4. Personalized cushion: a cushion that has your friend and your picture on it, how cute! Oh, wait! Cushion with a personal message on it.


5. Passes to the concert they’ve been waiting for, or comic con. Or their favourite musical. Or best of all, book them for spa.



Here’s a bonus suggestion, and it’s the best one, write them a letter.

6666 leter


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