10 things every Piscean will get !


Pisces the 12th and the most curious sign of all is known to have taken up attributes from all eleven signs and become a nice mix of absolute fun and confusion. Here are things every piscean will relate to:

  1. Idealists: you’ll never see a Piscean settling for something they don’t believe in; we’ll always, always stand up for our morals and ideals. 1. idealist
  2. We are easily distracted, if we start a project we get bored of it soon; you’ll have to keep bringing us back to it. Both optimistic and cynical, it’s difficult for us to make up our mind on any issue. 2 confused (1)
  3. To Pisceans love is more about giving than receiving; we are crazy lovers and we won’t let go of your hand. We can’t do superficial flings, when Pisceans love we love you with all our heart. 3. lovers
  4. People born as these sun signs are motivated by their inner creative urge and make exceptionally creative artists. I guess which is why we share our sun signs with Rihanna, Adam Levine, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Aamir Khan. 4. artist
  5. We are so easily lied to; no matter how often we are led astray by empty promises, we keep faith and push on towards personal idea. 5. trust broken
  6. It is our compassion and kindness that make us so empathetic; we understand people and their situations, easily gel with everyone and are there for our friends. 6. friendly
  7. Despite all the empathy, piseans are needy and oh, so emotional. We need a bit of attention from our loved ones and go crazy when we don’t get it, but we’ll keep mum about it. 7. needy chandler
  8. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Neptune is connected to music, which must be the reason why we find peace in music. Earphones on, FTW 8. music moriarty

9. Pisces are loyal and family oriented.

9. family
10. Pisceans find it hard to change their set ways. Please, don’t ask us to reschedule our schedule or even lunch time.

10. lunch time


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