Weighty Matters


Shedding holiday weight has always been an issue with those who have been vacationing and binging on fried food in the monsoon! Worry not, Priyanka Mehra gives you easy ways of getting back to shape

The rain, the invigorating fragrance of wet earth and the greenery are quite picturesque, right? The perfect weather for hot bhajiyas and sweetened chai. However, the ugly stomach bulge, the tightness of your tee, and the fact that you now have to take a deep breath to fit into your favourite pair of jeans is literally weighing you down.
It is natural to find yourself with a little extra holiday weight with all that you’ve sampled on your vacation, the juicy mangoes you devoured, and the steaming hot snacks you enjoyed with fragrant cups of tea in the ongoing monsoon?
Vacations and weight gain are synonymous with each other especially during the monsoons, since exams are over and stress levels are low. Vacations bring a sense of well being, guards are let down and we feel we derserve a break. Change in environment, low activity levels and food choices play a pivotal role in weight gain.
Realisation dawns and the most natural reactions to weight gain are panic and a sense of impending doom trailed by a drastic dip in self-esteem.
Instead of a frenzy of crash diets, spending hours at the gym, and curbing yourself from over-indulging, try a few basic changes in eating habits and lifestyle will help lose weight, not overnight, but gradually for sure.
Stay active and be smart
Climb stairs at college and home and watch your calories melt away.
Take up a sport that requires physical activity. If you are not a sports person, learn a new form of dance.
Drink a lot of water; not only does it do wonders for your skin and system, but also keeps you from overeating.
Don’t overdo the workout.
Don’t skip meals and go on crash diets.
Make smart eating choices, you don’t have to run away from the college canteen; choose
healthier food which is not fried, eat idli instead of the yummy Chinese food, which is dripping with oil.
Eat your favourite monsoon
snack, bhutta, without butter, it really can’t be that bad. When at home, you have the option of eating grilled food or even a delicious soup.
Most importantly, remember you completely deserved the vacation and love yourself irrespective of the weight you have gained. It makes shedding the kilos easier and enjoyable!

Global fitness expert Namita Jain gives some quick exercise tips for collegians

Suck in those ab muscles
Remember to keep your abs tucked in at all times. This will help strengthen the muscles and maintain better posture.
Include strength exercises to shape and sculpt your body

Lie on your back with your knees
bent and your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders off the floor and lower.

Lie on your back with your feet on a step or on the floor. Raise your hips off the floor until your body forms a straight line from your knees to your chest. Squeeze your hips as you lift up. Slowly return to starting position.

Place your hands directly under your shoulders and keep your fingers pointing forwards and your back straight. Slowly lower your body bringing your chest close to the floor, and then return to starting position.
(Do two sets of 16 counts each)


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