Wildlife photography 101


Do you dream of carrying a camera and running into the wild? If you do, you’re probably a budding wildlife photographer. Here are a collection of videos to help you get started on your passion:

Tips from wildlife photographer John Brunjes

Brunjes, a well-known American photographer, talks about how he started photographing wildlife and provides a range of tips to the beginner.

All about lenses for the beginner

What’s an aperture? What do all the markings on camera lenses mean? This video will answer all your questions.

Bird and wildlife photography equipment

Three professional wildlife photographers discuss lenses, cameras, teleconverters, tripods and monopods.

Chris McLennan’s photography tips

Ace Australian wildlife photographer provides a number of useful tips to fellow photographers.

From shooting to post-production

So you’ve taken a bunch of pictures. Do you need to process them? Must they be taken through photo editing? This video will address the issues.


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