Trending this Month- May 2014


Toughtest Job Ever 

Candidates interviewed for ‛The world’s toughest job’ and heard an impossibly cruel job description from the would-be employers. Sounds nasty, but g o online and watch the video of t he interviews for the sweet twist in the end.

Not My Son! 

A blog post that nails the sick tradition of blaming rape victims went viral. My son would never rape perfectly captures the tragedy of women shaming other women. As usual, there were weirdos who didn’t understand the satire in the post and were outraged in the comments section. You get all kinds.

Too Pretentious to be True

Kanan Gill and Kalyan Rath are just a couple of guys from Bangalore w ho love dismantling all the terrible films Bollywood has to offer. Their latest review, of Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, bestows the title ‛Mos t Acting Ever’ on the film. Must watch.

Happy Easter

Days before Easter, the internet exploded with photographs of creepy Easter bunnies. Thanks for the nightmares, netizens!


We don’t know whether Narendra Modi’s ads worked on his target audience; what we do know is that the online world’s take on the TVC was more realistic.


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