Haven’t Heard Any Podcasts Till Now? Here Are Top 5 To Get Started

Image Credits: The Irish Times

It’s nothing new that podcasts have gained massive popularity among the masses especially the youth. All kinds of content is being created and narrated through this medium. It is an informative source of media which can be perfectly tuned with the mindless chores. There is a range of podcasts available on the internet which has already won the hearts of many. If you haven’t ever indulged in any podcast show, let’s discuss a few of them to get you started with some.

Jay Shetty – On Purpose

Jay Shetty is a motivational speaker and a former monk whose purpose is to make wisdom go viral. There are two kinds of content that he uploads on the net. Every Monday, he has a conversation with the most knowledgeable people in the world and takes to the audio by discussing the journey of the guest which provides great understanding to the people.

On Friday he talks about a personal topic which will help you resonate with yourself on a deeper level and re-align your moods and emotions.

Gary Vee – the GaryVee Audio Experience

He is an entrepreneur and a trend forecaster. He invites speakers in his podcast who are CEO’s and CFO’s Of multi-million companies. He converses with them about the next best thing happening in the world. He is a believer of trends setter not the trends follower. He also provides assistance to the millennials to think out of the box and be persistent with their distant ideology. 

Dhruv Rathee – Maha Bharat

He is a modern days news reporter who provides on-ground news of different countries and talks about the recent policies initiated by the authorities. In his podcast, he discusses the laws and policies that the Indian government has introduced to the citizens. He answers basic questions like, how these policies affect the residents, what are the merits and demerits of it, is it a law that will boost the Indian Economy, etc. Questions like these are answered in his podcast with profound research for a better understanding of the general public.

Scott Barry Kaufman – the psychology podcast

To get a better understanding of humans, it’s crucial to know the psychology behind it. In this podcast, you will get to explore the mind, brain, behaviour and creativity of yourself.

For instance: How to have a good day during a global pandemic.

Eric Siu & Niel Patel – Digital Marketing And Online Marketing Tips

These gentlemen give daily lessons on the latest set, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization and general online marketing tactics that work today. The podcast also talks about all the resources to escalate your business website and master the key elements to rapidly grow your business.

Listening to podcasts provides numerous benefits to the human brain. First of all, Podcasts arouse mental imagination more deeply than watching a film and make listeners pay more attention to the audio track. Secondly, it helps us to polish our listening skills more diligently which helps professionally and personally. Lastly, it helps us to learn new things while doing routine errands.

So, when are you getting started with your podcast endeavour? 


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