A Basic Guide To Careers In The Field Of Psychology

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Being a very diverse field, Psychology has huge career prospects. Psychology is the study of human mind and behavior and has numerous applications in all the aspects of life such as work, family, relationships, sports, industries and many more. So a degree in psychology will not only open the gates to the minds but also open the door to a prosperous and very rewarding career. By studying Psychology one will open up for himself/herself such as Forensic Psychology, Child Psychology, Media Psychology, etc.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is a field of psychology which is applied in criminal investigation and the law. Forensic psychologists play a vital role in gauging the mindset of the criminal, and the objective of the crime, and also in explaining the nature of sentencing.With the upcoming Legal Era, forensic psychologists are expected to influence policy making as well.

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Developmental and Child Psychology

The study of how humans develop throughout their life is done by a developmental psychologist. Developmental psychology is known to cover the whole lifespan but the most popular variant is child psychology. Child psychologists deal with cognitive, emotional and social and physical development of children and infants. A child psychologist can work under child therapy centers, schools, and NGOs. They play an important part in special education.

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Media Psychology

Media Psychology studies the relationship between media and human behaviour. Basically, media psychologists determine how people in society interact with media and each other due to the influence of media. This field of study can be used to determine how the media influences society and how they decode certain elements of the media. In today’s age, Media psychologists are concerned with television and digital media and its effects.

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Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychologists help their clients to manage the personal and interpersonal problems they face in daily life. These people do not face any mental health issues but face issues with daily functioning which they can’t deal with, on their own. There are different forms of counseling such as career counseling, relationship/marital counseling, guidance counseling, and rehabilitation counseling.

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Sports Psychology

Study of factors that can impact an athlete’s performance, including cognitive, emotional, motivational and physiological factors are done by a sports psychologist. They function with sports teams, academies, sports coaching centers,  and leagues. It aims at improving the performance and motivation of sportsmen and athletes, given the craze of sports in our country. Sports Psychology is a relatively new stream which is blossoming in India.

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