News Flash (24th November 2020): Top 10 Stories Of The Day

Image Credits: Indians In Gulf

Mumbai’s next COVID-19 peak will impact both slums, high-rise: BMC

During a visit to northern Mumbai, the city head cop attributed the spread of coronavirus disease to high population mass. North Mumbai, which covers Dahisar, Borivali, Malad, Charkop and Kandivali areas, has witnessed growth in COVID-19 cases in the last 15 days. Numerous cases have been reported from homes located in slums and other high-density places.

COVID-19 negative report mandatory to enter Maharashtra

COVID-19 negative report
Image Credits: The Indian Observer

Fearing Covid-19 spread, Maharashtra state on Monday announced new guidelines for passengers coming in the state from four Covid-hit states in the nation. The new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) directed by the state government indicate to all passengers travelling by rail, air or road from 25 November until further orders.

Elon Musk becomes the world’s second richest person

Elon Musk, worlds second richest person
Image Credits: Prag News

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has added $100.3 billion to his net worth this year, exceeding Bill Gates to fit the world’s second-richest person. The 49-year-old Tesla Inc. co-founder has the electric vehicle and clean energy company to thank for the tremendous rise in his wealth. 

“Biden a very weak president, could start wars” says Chinese govt advisor

Joe Biden
Image Credits: DNA India

US President-elect Joe Biden is a “weak president” and could “start wars”, Chinese government advisor Zheng Yongnian said. He continued that the Chinese administration must lower its vision that its relations with the United States will automatically grow under the Biden presidency. China should be ready for a strong position from the US, Yongnian said.

Delhi Crime wins international Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series

Delhi Crime wins international Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series
Image Credits: Pinterest

Netflix’s India Original series “Delhi Crime” has got the best drama series honour at the 48th International Emmy Awards. Shot from the viewpoint of the Delhi Police team examining the crime that made global headlines. The series displays the case of the 23-year-old physiotherapy intern who was kidnapped and gang-raped in a travelling bus on the evening of December 16, 2012 before she was abandoned on a Delhi road.

Snapchat has said it will give $1 Million a day to creators of the top-performing videos. 

Snapchat, top performing videos
Image Credits: The Pioneer

To earn money, video submitters to Spotlight don’t have to have large fans or even have known profiles. An algorithm will decide what to show Snapchat users based on how frequently others see the post. If others observe the same video repeatedly, for example, that’s a signal it’s passing on and will push the algorithm to share it further widely.

Oxford university COVID-19 vaccine becomes 90% effective after a mistake done in trial.

Oxford university COVID-19 vaccine
Image Credits: Wall Street Journal

Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine approached 90% efficacy by the event after some trial members wrongly got half dose in the first shot. Researchers administered the second, full dose booster shot at the listed time for these members, who encountered lighter side effects than anticipated. The efficacy was 62% in the organisation who received two full doses as per the new plan.

Undertaker announces his retirement from WWE

Undertaker announces his retirement from WWE
Image Credits: The Statesman

The Undertaker, whose real name is Mark William Calaway, formally declared his retirement from WWE in a heartfelt narrative that he delivered at the WWE Survivor Series on Sunday evening. “For 30 long years, I’ve made that slow walk to this ring and have laid people to rest time and time again. And now my time has come”.

43 more Chinese mobile apps banned by India 

chinese apps banned, Ali Express
Image Credits: NDTV Gadgets

The government of India has prevented 43 latest Chinese mobile apps in the country, including shopping website AliExpress. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned these mobile applications under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. The direction was given based on extensive reports obtained from the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center, Ministry of Home Affairs. 

Tribal women group set up roadside library in moist-affected Malkangiri: Odisha

roadside library
Image Credits: The Logical Indian

In a move to teach the practice of reading books amongst kids and distracting attention from the extended usage of smartphones, an organisation of tribal women in Odisha’s Malkangiri district have set up a roadside library. As many as 20 women from the tribal community have started the library near the Arts College in the area. It has been stocked with books provided by these women as well as the local residents and was begun on Diwali. 


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