Feeling Low??

If  you are having a bad day, had a fight with a close friend or if you’re just feeling down for no reason in particular, here are 10 simple ways that will help you pick yourself up!


Step one is to cry and let it out. Empty your system to allow fresh and happy thoughts to enter. Nobody likes to cry but you must do it every once in a while, as it is a definite way to release your emotions.


Reach out to someone close. Talk and open up to whoever you’re comfortable with or someone who you know will understand you, give you the right adviceand you will immediately feel better.


There is nothing a long walk can’t solve. It is one of the best remedies to make one feel fresher than ever. Make sure you choose a peaceful location preferably a scenic location for your long walk.


Listen, listen to whatever you like. Music will wash away all your stress. It will help you soothe your mind and give your soul the inner peace you’re looking for. Even singing along with lift your spirits immediately.


Your favorite show can do the trick. Make sure to not watch something too intense that could worsen the situation. Watch a favorite movie or a funny show that will surely make your day better.


Step out and do some fun things. Ride a bicycle or play a sport that you are good at or go for a swim or just simply hangout with your friends. It will definitely divert your mind.


Keep aside all the diet plans you are following and dig in when everything around seems gloomy. Grab an ice cream, a chocolate or a smoothie. You can also go for foods that you absolutely love. A happy stomach makes a happy person after all.


Bring the positivity in your life with this ancient and proven technique of yoga. Doing the breathing exercises calms your nerves and keeps you motivated. So every time the sun is not shining as brightly as it should for you start doing some asanas and look forward to a bright day.


If you’re a reader, then catch up on a new best seller or ask friends for some recommendations. If not an avid reader, then browse through a magazine or a comic. Even reading inspirational quotes or short stories that will serve your interest.


Keep telling yourself things like “LIFE IS GOOD”, “IT WILL GET BETTER” and always keep your self-morale high.

It’s okay to not be in the best of the moods all the time but to stay in the bad mood all the time should never be an option. So go ahead and try these easy ways to turn your day from a crummy one to a cheerful one. If there is anything more than you could add, something more that helps you make your day better do add it in the comments below.


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