7 Things Other Than Fidget Spinner That Helps In Stress Busting


In recent times a lot of people are facing stress and don’t know how to tackle or release it. To make lives of the people easier and tension free, gadgets have been introduced that will help anyone overcome it. Recently there is a lot of hype around fidget spinners, one such gadget mainly introduced as a stress buster. It does relieve stress but apart from the famous fidget spinner there are a number of traditional stress busters that do a good job in relieving stress too.

Giant Stress Ball

The giant stress balls are made out of a special pliable foam rubber called closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. Because of this material, you can keep punching or squeezing into this big ball without destroying it at all and let out all the stress that has been building up inside you. It is the best gadget to use when you are very hyper and you want to calm yourself down.

Lava Lamp

The lava lamp is a relaxation device with pleasant nature of sounds of your choice. It can help you sleep and relax with beautiful design and sound. What else does a person need after a long and tiring day? This lava lamp is apt for people who work for long hours and want to come home and do nothing but relax.

Bucky Ball

These bucky balls are basically strong magnets with which you can snap, pull, mold, squeeze, and construct an endless variety of shapes. It’s a great stress reliever as it saps away your load and distracts you as well.

Head Massager

These scalp massagers work wonders for curing headaches. They work because the tips stimulate nerve endings in the scalp. When you’re having a massive headache and nothing seems to work, there is always one thing you can turn to, this amazing scalp massager. All your stress will vanish within minutes after using this rhythmic buzzer.

Bubblewrap Keychain

The Puchi Puchi bubble wrap key chain is the never-ending supply of your regular bubblewrap. Bursting bubble wrap has always been an effective way to relieve stress for most of the people. But what can you do when there is still a lot of stress at the end of your bubble wrap? You switch to the puchi puchi bubble wrap key chain. It is a pocket sized device with eight bubble wraps and you can keep popping it for as long as you like, now isn’t that cool and also environment friendly?


As a young child, each one of us have played with this squishy little slimy slime for fun. Now, as adults we can make better use of this by using it as a stress buster. Slime videos are a great fascination, they help you de-stress. The squishy slime ball is the best way to decompress as you need to get your hands busy and it make it a lot of fun. Slime will put your anxiety at ease.

Adukini Light By Mathmos

The Adukini light are light in weight and are very relaxing. When lights are turned off this gadget shines a colour of your choice or cycles through the entire color spectrum. It is a very pleasant sight to watch. So if you’ve been sitting in front of the computer all day and are looking for some visual relaxation Adukini Light is the one for you.

We all experience a fair share of stress in our lives and must definitely go ahead and take some efforts in relieving it because when we don’t the problems one has to face later are not very pleasant. So try these amazing gadgets that will take away your worries and bring you some mental peace that will lead you to a better and a healthier life.


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