These 6 Instagram Handles Are A Must Follow If You’re Into Self-mockery


We have been indulging in self-mockery for far too long now, and it looks like we are loving it even more with each passing day. Remember when Chandler said to himself “What’s wrong with me? Ooh don’t open that door”, and we all had a good laugh over it. Why do you think we found it so genuinely funny? It is because we could relate to him, it is because he spoke our minds out loud. 

Gif Credits: Gifer

Have you ever wondered that your Instagram can become your personal Chandler, because it too will serve you with punches that indulge in self-mockery and I assure you, you will be resisting hard from resharing/reposting them on your feed, leave alone going “hahahaha this is so me!!!”. 

Hit the follow button to some of the Instagram handles if you haven’t already. 

The Awkward Yeti

A handle you would want to follow if your mind and heart are always poles apart on everything in your life but still happen to help each other to get through it. The Awkward Yeti is a comic page by Nick Seluk that will make personal attacks and make you think, “Why is this me?” The Awkward Yeti is self-mockery 101

New Yorker Cartoons

A cartoon sketch page, New Yorker Cartoons will hit you with harsh realities and simplicities of not just life but also the world and still successfully manage to make you laugh. This handle will lowkey make you go “ouch!”. It snarky, witty and as dark as dark can get.  

9 Gag

More of a meme and entertainment page, it will mostly put up memes that you will max relate to. 

This page is literary about how life is turning out for all the young peeps. Wouldn’t you want to see a humorous representation of what your life looks like?


Self-mockery is an understated word for this handle. Not only is its copy great but the character painting is on point. I could hardly manage to get off this page. It will make you want to stop scrolling and make you want to scroll more at the same time. I am not insane, the handle is. 


This handle had me wiping off my fake tears that could have been very real if this wasn’t a comic account. When the jokes on this handle finally land in your brains, you won’t just start laughing, you will surely self-reflect. Don’t believe me? Just check it out!

Brown Paper Bag Comic

Catering more to the Indian audience, the comics on this handle will hit you hard, make you feel guilty but help you laugh it off. It brings you different yet relatable stories which are just life stories of basically every Indian. The handle belongs to Sailesh Gopalan who is a professional digital illustrator and animator. 

By now I have made it quite clear that I do indulge in self-mockery, but I am sure you do too. We all are guilty of laughing our worries away instead of dealing with them. So what? Big deal. Go follow these accounts and take one more step towards self-mockery.  


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