Youth Driven Conference On Using Pro-social Gaming To Prevent Gender-based Violence: Play. Talk. Change.

Play. Talk. Change.(PTC) is a youth-led virtual global gathering of game developers, early career researchers, and change makers standing together against gender-based violence.

Play. Talk. Change.

Play. Talk. Change. is a youth-led initiative from the globally pioneering None in Three Research Centre (Ni3). Ni3 takes its name from the statistic that 1 in 3 women worldwide will experience gender-based violence (GBV) in their lifetime. Ni3’s mission is to make this 0 in 3. They do this by bringing together social science researchers with game developers to create innovative, interactive, anti-violence computer games.

At the heart of Ni3’s work is the certainty that young people have the power to change the world. By working together with the next generation we can build a future free from GBV. Through Play. Talk. Change. they are empowering young people to speak against violence and to share their insights on the processes, the challenges and the potential of creating research-driven, prosocial computer games to end violence.

PTC will take place online on Thursday 24th & Friday 25th June. It is open to everyone wanting to join the conversation about innovative interventions combining research, gaming and art & design to combat gender-based violence.

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“At the heart of Ni3’s work is the certainty that young people have the power to change the world.”

Ni3’s work spreads across Jamaica, Uganda, UK and India. With the grave pandemic situation in India, there remains an untold story of gender-based violence and loss of agency. India has a long-standing history of patriarchy that seeps deep-rooted gender bias in the generations to come. While there isn’t one way to stop gender bias, there is hope to gradually transform behaviour of the young by educating them with creative tools. The None In Three Research Centre aims at broadening and continuing the conversation about its work through the Play. Talk. Change. platform. They invite young people who want to involve themselves in preventing a long-standing problem. 

As part of this conference, the young members have launched two podcasts (“I Am Series” and “Humaare Family Mein”) on YouTube and Spotify that highlight how young people are powerful allies and why their voices matter in the fight against gender-based violence. Apart from these, the conference itself will showcase four prosocial games that the Ni3 Global Research Centre has created. It will also host four keynote speeches from leading women pioneers of the gaming and social work industries across all countries. 

Play. Talk. Change. is more than just a name, it is a goal, a hope and an ambition condensed into three simple words. We want young change-makers to think about serious gaming PLAY and research TALK as tools that will help build a world free from gender-based violence CHANGE. And we hope you will join us because this global social issue deserves global social solutions.

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The None in Three Global Research Centre is being delivered in India by IDEALISTS Consulting (building on an earlier partnership with the ISDI School of Design and Innovation), Mumbai. The research focuses on the theme of gender bias and how this influences and enables gender-based violence (GBV). Ni3 India is dedicated to generating scientific evidence of the impact of serious gaming interventions aimed at changing attitudes and behaviours among the young that fuel gender-based violence. Our Research Centre is part of a global community, with offices also conducting research in the UK, Jamaica and Uganda. The project is funded by Global Challenges Research Fund through UK Research and Innovation, and the University of Huddersfield.

Name of Press Contact: Mehak Gupta


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