The Breakdown of Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer

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Image Credits: HBO

The Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer has been released and here is the complete breakdown!

HBO dropped the trailer of the most awaited and final season of the Game of Thrones, and we can’t wait any longer!

Winter has finally come as the conclusion draws closer one day at a time until the first episode drops on April 14th.

This new footage depicts many things and we’re here to break it down for you.


1)    Arya is running in the first few seconds of the trailer. Knowing how this sweet girl turned into a deadly assassin, Arya Stark isn’t one to be messed with. She is seen running through the dim corridors breathless and terrified from something behind her as she clutches a dragon glass in her hand- The Night King.

Image Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

Another possibility is that Arya is known to spin traps for her enemies and this could also be a ploy for one of them. Could she be about embarking on a fearless mission to take down the White Walkers?

2)    The siege of Winterfell seems inevitable.“I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one,” says Arya over footage of Ser Davos pacing nervously and Varys looking scared hiding among the women and children in the crypts of Winterfell. We also noted Gilly and Baby Sam sitting among them.

3)    The first look of the Golden Company on the ships of Ironborn. The Golden Company is a powerful group of mercenaries from the Free Cities of Essos who have been hired by Cersei to help defeat her enemies after she sneakily faked an alliance with Jon and Daenerys at the end of Season 7. The Golden Company is presumably on their way to Kings Landing to help Cersei keep her hold on her kingdom. The new blonde character is a new addition named Harry Strickland who is being played by the talented Marc Rissmann.

4)    Eddison Tollett, Tormund, and Beric Dondarrion seemed to have survived the Ice Dragon’s attack on The Wall from last season’s finale. We also notice Bran and Sam talking, presumably about how to ease the information to Jon that he may be in love with his aunt aka Daenerys.

5)    Drunk on power with her Black Magic buddy Qybvurn on one side and the resurrected Mountain on her other side, Cersei is still hell-bent on being the next Mad Queen, as if in honor of Aerys Targaryen. After losing all her three children according to the prophecies, her final ties to humanity were severed.

6)    The Unsullied have marched to Winterfell, setting the final scene of the battle between them and the White Walkers. Jon, Daenerys and the dragons have arrived at Winterfell as well! Jon is seen giving a small a pre-war speech about how their enemies don’t tire, nor do they stop. 

7)    We see how Jaime has transformed from a big bad villain to this champion who we’ve all started rooting for. He reaches Winterfell to fight for the forces that Cercei inevitably wants to destroy. There’s a shot of Jamie singed with charcoal screaming something which is a definite call to my anxiety.

8)    Gendry is back and he has a haircut too. He’s probably doing what he does best and that is forging weapons in Winterfell.

9)    Greyworm and Missandei share a kiss, but sadly it almost looks like it’s a goodbye kiss. The environment seems heavy as troops are marching around them as they’re in an embrace.

10)    The Hound appears afraid in the trailer, maybe because of all that fire that he is so traumatized with. The Mountain has also been featured in the trailer. Could this be a foreshadowing thought of a final showdown between the two brothers?

11)    Jaime plans to ditch Cersei’s evil plan as he says that he promised to fight for the living and he intends to keep that promise. It looks like he’s trying to convince someone.

12)    Jon and Daenerys are seen mounting the last two dragons, Drogon, and Rhaegal with a brief shot of Arya showing her killer skills as a Faceless Man, while there’s a small shot of Tyrion looking concerned. He might as well look that way. The world is about to end and the Night King has arrived

There is plenty more to ponder over as Jon and his lover/ aunt are getting ready for the battle of their lives with the White Walkers, while Cersei plans to undermine them all. Who will live long enough to win the Iron Throne? Will there even be a kingdom left to rule?


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