Will Smith fulfills his Bucket List on Facebook Watch, all set to show his moves in a Bollywood film.

Will Smith
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A wise man named ‘William Ross’ once said, “Every man dies—not every man really lives.”

To live is to be inspired and nothing inspires a person to live free than making a Bucket List. It’s a list of goals that a person has wanted to achieve or dreams that are waiting to be fulfilled before they die. Take Madhuri Dixit’s movie, ‘Bucket List,’ for instance. After living a dedicated life towards her family’s happiness, she decides to complete her heart donor’s bucket list that happened to be a deceased 20-year-old girl. This journey takes Madhuri on a whole new voyage of self-rediscovery that wouldn’t have been possible if she hadn’t taken up the bucket list.

Have you ever speculated, “Why should I create a Bucket List?”

If you spend your time caught up with a blur of your daily activities, you might not be living your days by personal goals and plans without any feeling of accomplishments. If you die in the midst of your day-to-day activities, do you think you’ve lived a life worth living? That’s where a bucket list swoops in to save the day so that you’re reminded of what’s important to you.

And if it’s inspiration you seek, look no further.

Will Smith, globally renowned actor has launched his own Facebook Watch show called Will Smith’s Bucket List which showcases Will embarking on a journey across the globe to face his fears which included skydiving, stand-up comedy and dancing in a Bollywood film. 

A Facebook Watch exclusive, Bucket List will see the renowned actor travel across the world on a journey to do what he’s wanted the most. A bucket list that would be the envy of many, the 6 episode Watch extravaganza will see Will on an unprecedented voyage- performing skydives in Dubai, stand-up comedy with none other than Dave Chappelle which has so far notched up nearly 40 million views, and showing his moves in one of the very own Bollywood movies. Now you can join him on his unbelievable adventure as he travels the globe, takes on insane challenges, overcomes obstacles and punches fear in the mouth. 

Will has been confirmed to make a special appearance in a song sequence in Karan Johar’s upcoming Student of the Year 2 featuring Tiger Shroff.

Will Smith has maximized every moment of existence by living his life to the fullest, reminding us that we don’t necessarily have to live our short lives worrying about pointless things but by directing ourselves to what truly matters to us.

So plan all the highlights of your life, with new things to do, or odd things to achieve that might give you an incredible insight into your life. A new feeling of enthusiasm will guide you through life, looking forward to whatever is in store for you.

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