The Finance Ministry to roll out Rupee 20 coin for the first time in India

20 rupee coin
Image Credits: Jagran Josh

On Wednesday, March 6th, the finance ministry announced the release of a new 20 rupee coin that would be shaped like a 12-sided polygon, better known as a dodecagon. The new coin will be 27 mm in diameter and look similar to the current 10 rupee coin. The only difference will be that it won’t be circular and have no marks on its edges, unlike the 10 rupee coin that has a hundred serrations on the same.

This latest addition to the Indian currency will be two-toned with 65 percent copper, 15 percent zinc and 20 percent nickel on the outer ring. The inner disc will consist of 75 percent copper, 20 percent zinc and 5 percent nickel.

20 rupee coin
Image Credits: Indiatimes

The Face of the Coin

On the anterior,  the coin will have the Lion Capitol of Ashoka Pillar with ‘Satyamev Jayate’ inscribed below which will further be fringed with the words ‘Bharat’ in Hindi on the left and the word ‘India’ in English on the right.

The Back of the Coin

On the posterior of the coin, the rupee symbol will be shown above the denominational value and grains will be designed on the left to signify the country’s agricultural supremacy. On the top left, Rs 20 will be in written in Hindi and ‘Twenty Rupees’ will be written on the top right and bottom margins of the coin in English. On the center of the left periphery, the year of minting will be displayed.

No further cues have been given about the design of the new coin by the Ministry of Finance.

The first 10-rupee coin was issued in March 2009, almost ten years before the announcement of this new coin. There have been 13 reiterations of the coin. Reports were made on the beliefs of the traders that the new editions were fake, which had further gone viral on social media. As a result, the Reserve Bank of India had issued a clarification that all 14 kinds of the 10 rupee coin are considered to be legal tender.

New series of prototypes for Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5 and Rs 10 will be released by the government, according to reports by the Gazette of India.


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