Swiss ace makes another record: 300 Grand Slam match winner

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Tennis legend Roger Federer became the first man to win 300 Grand Slam matches in Men’s Single. The tennis ace made another record by winning 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 inthe third round of the Australian Open 2016against No. 28 seededGrigorDimitrov. It was a tough match and although the Bulgerian gave his best after the second set he was easily defeated by the Swiss champion.

Federer, who also has a record of winning highest number of Grand Slams, is not the only tennis player to make the record.One of the top seeded tennis playersin 70s and 80s of her time, former tennis ace Martina Navratilovais the only one before Federer to make a record of 300 Grand Slam matches.

The Swiss Ace isalso the oldest tennis player to reach the 16th Australian Open.

“It’s very exciting, I must tell you,”said Roger Federer in an interview.“Like when I reached 1,000 [tour-level wins] last year, it was a big deal for me. Not something I ever aimed for or looked for, but when it happens, it’s very special. You look deeper into it, I guess, where it’s all happened and how. So it’s very nice. I’m very happy.”

The thirty four year old father to two twins once again proved to be a legendary tennis player of all time.


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