Student’s lives swept by sea tide


15 students, all between the age group of 19 to 23, drowned in a sea near Murud Beach.  The victims were a part of a 119 college group that went to the Murud beach which is a popular tourist destination near Pune for a picnic. The mishap took place around 4:30 pm on Monday when they went for a swim in the sea. The number of victims may go up as one of the students was missing when the coast guards called off the operation at the sunset.

It was high tide and even after being warned about the situation they went on with their plan. The careless mistake of going swimming during high tide took away their lives. Early this year a similar fatal incident took place where four students slipped in the sea while taking selfies.

It’s fun to go on a beach for a picnic or hangout near coasts but while doing so people often get carried away and forget about their safety. One reckless decision of ignoring the caution costed these students their lives and snatched away the smiles and happiness of their parents and loved ones.

To prevent fatal accidents like these, the government should also increase the safety signs and lifeguards especially at such tourist spots.


Image source: DNA


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