No Wafer in Kit Kat Bar, Law Student Claims for Lifetime Supply.

kit kat girl
kit kat girl

You love chocolates? Of course, you do! What if one day you buy a bar and for some defect in it, you get an endless supply of chocolates?

Willy Wonka is a fictional character! you might remind me.

Similar thing happened to Saima Ahmad, 20, a law student from Enfield, north London. She purchased a multipack of eight Kit Kat bars from a supermarket for £2 last month. Traditional kit Kat comes with chocolate layers wrapped around waffles sticks. But Saima found her bar waffle-less. So she has written a letter to Nestle demanding a full refund of her purchase and a lifetime supply of Kit Kat bars.

In her own words, “They go about advertising the unique concept of Kit Kat, but I’m so disappointed by what I have purchased. The specific duty you owe in consistency in your manufacturing process. The failure to take due care in the manufacturing process resulted in a product being defective. As a result I feel as though I have been misled to part with my money and purchase a product that is clearly different from what has been marketed by Nestle.”

The second year law student feels she has suffered “monetary” and “emotional” loss and goes on to say, “I would like a full refund of the defective pack of KitKat I purchased. I have also lost my faith in Nestle. Clearly, if I wanted to purchase a confectionery item that is purely chocolate, I would have purchased a bar of Galaxy. I would therefore like to request a life-long supply of KitKat so that I can act as a means of quality control – it appears you need me more than I need you.”

It is believed she’s quoting a similar case from 1930 to support her claim. Not a bad Kit Kat break for Saima!


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