Stirring Education Outside The Fences Of Books

Fences Of Books
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With the onset of the education wave in India that each reign has witnessed, the most reliable medium was books that were presented in distinct forms. People of ancient India were more advanced in imparting education than that of modern India which is locked by the education that is within the fences of books. The objective of education is to tailor a person in a multi-dimensional way to advance him for the ebbs and flows of life and to pace up his persona with a layer of creativity and efficacy. Education does not merely theorize the knowledge of a person rather the hues of education are garishly seen in the lifestyle of a person.

Ancient India had a plethora of methodologies for acquiring knowledge. They unleashed the forum of Physical activities such as horse riding, swordsmanship, archery, and other intriguing sports. Physical fitness was earmarked as the topmost priority because that was considered as the determinant that sways the task of chalking, the robustness of the body, clutching the focus of the mind, etc. With these factors, efficacy was certain to be earned in the process of learning. Mental fitness activities were also paid much heed. The tactful strategies were taught to the people so that they do not stay unfazed about the actions of their fellows. Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, etc were some of the offshoots of education beyond the fences of books. These were not the mere subjects rather the application of these subjects was given ample colour. The children were tailored to diffuse their mind with the techniques of wisdom, conquering roaring thoughts by being thoughtful was another strategy, contemplation, behavioural patterns, etc are the sneak peek into the well-versed section of those people.

Books have the grandeur to encompass wide knowledge, but the widest knowledge of its application is casted light by the life-skills. To lean for the knowledge that did not have its yardstick and is standing boundlessly falls behind the fences of books too. When we remove the pall of ambiguity from the modern education system, we find it locked up in the fences of books.

Undoubtedly there has been a transition in the education pattern of India. The modern education system is a myriad of inclusive and diverse segments of education, but there is a capacious sphere to refashion the education system and pull it out from the mere fences of books.

Fences Of Books
Image Credits: Freepik
  • Mental fitness garnering

The grave need to rekindle the mental robustness of the mind of children is necessary. This epoch has been hailed as a competent phase. With the stream of tedious jobs, the hooking pressure on the mind has made people worn out. They are hampered by this relentless stream of pressure. The efficacy got a severe bolt due to the crumbling of mental health. The educational institutions ought to keep the weekly sessions on exercises that can garner mental health, and counselling seminars to bring a change in outlook on life.

  • Unspooling the offbeat fields

Various fields can be opted for by the students. But the inexorable push from the family to pursue a high-profile career is prevalent. Surreal artwork, hard-core sports, captivating photography, strokes of a writer’s pen, and burrowing unexplored vloggers are barely encouraged by parents in India. With the initiative of educational institutions, these fields can catch attention.

  • On-field apprenticeships

The hour is for introducing the training sessions of all the subjects irrespective of the validation that they are experimental. Every field has got up an application stage and getting the students to venture on that stage while they are learners is a colossal necessity. Mock parliaments, mock WTO, mock WHO, mock hospitals, mock SEBI etc will channelise the schooling of the students to align with the conceptual understanding. This will etch the prospering ways of learning beyond the fences of books.

  • Seepage in admission processes

There is mayhem in the admission process in India where students are pissed about merit and entrance as their door to enter college life. The advent of CUET has helped in removing the red tape in this process. But the door to reaching the destination is still ambiguous and is seeking a transformation. There stands a need to infuse analytical reasoning, General knowledge, vocabulary, and current affairs in the school curriculums.

The above-mentioned approaches can tone down the inefficient trait of the education system and can assist students in learning and learning beyond the fences of books. The levelling up of accessibility to libraries, creation of government learning schools for extracurricular activities, broadening the pavement of earning for students as a part-time for upgrading their observation skills and making them self-reliant, unfurling volunteering opportunities for students in varied institutions can be some of bulliest techniques to illuminate the persona of students.


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