Exploring The Facets Of Creativity For Creative Souls

Image Credits: Unsplash

It is either your room full of colourful paintings or your bookshelf smiling with a variety of diaries, your kitchen always making mouths water with exquisite cooking, or the empty room in your house with its walls clinging to your acting inspirations. If not some of them, at least one of them is home to your creativity. At least one of them is where you find your escape. At least one of them is where you sometimes sit idle looking around and find yourself in every corner of its area.

For every artist, their creation is a part of themselves. You almost give your soul to that one piece. Anything is a masterpiece only when you impart yourself to that creation when you let yourself open and allow the truth to pour into your creativity.

As a writer myself, I feel the desperation to run back to my diary every time the days become a little hard. Sometimes reading back the old journals that give me strength and make me slightly smile. Even if it was the previous day, they make me feel ashamed for my childish creativity but they never fail to make me giggle. And for all the other times, I lose myself writing about all the sorrows or the anger and before I realise it, I am smiling. The paper holding a little more weight than before with deeply engraved words looks at me with content and says, ‘I understand.’ Writing for years gives you the power to hear the blank folio in front of you, it makes you reason about your overflowing ink or the days when it resists writing. You feel like you can interact without hesitance, talk excitedly and endlessly till you choke on your struggling breath and on other days you sleep crying to it. These feelings then build into characters, into new worlds and into writing pieces touching a million hearts.

Image Credits: Unsplash

Similar to writing is art. All kinds of art be it sketching, mandala, knitting or painting, or even digital these days provoke feelings of calmness and perseverance. It makes you want to go on and on without stopping and you almost lose yourself in a trance detached from the surroundings. It is that time when you look up with wide wondrous eyes as realisations and answers of so much that goes within and around strikes you. Never can two art pieces look similar even if they come from the same inspiration for every artist’s originality comes from their individual imagination and creativity.

A rather unrecognised form of creativity is cooking. Cooking usually comes off as a daily life chore but to every chef, it is their memories on a plate. A dish doesn’t come from raw ingredients, it comes from your culture, your staples and most importantly your childhood. Even if it is just your grandmother’s curry or your father’s fritters, you find a way to give it your touch but at the base of the platter is a memory smeared all over it before the food is finally plated on it. On most grumpy mornings, you’d find yourself trying to recreate a family favourite, all the satisfied smiles pull back from your reminiscence as you cook the dish. Their pleased faces soothe you; it settles warmth inside you, you realise where your passion comes from and then your creation begins to heal you slowly.

There are some artists who see the world through a lens before they observe it with their eyes. A camera always slung across their bodies, they walk into the unexplored lanes to discover the unknown and into the explored ones to find the creativity we ignored. Focusing on the sight of their lens, they capture a passionate perspective and give us an eye for detail. They are true justifiers of the magnificence around them. While their pictures invoke in us a rush to explore, to them all their calmness comes from the sound of the click.

What if you could break free from your personality and enter another one? Such is the life of actors every day. Every few months they get to play a character that may or may not be like themselves in a life often different from their own. From their characters, they gain experiences of different lives and learn from their existence, mistakes and successes. The disturbed night doesn’t affect them for long because as the morning dawns, they find themselves in a new world. Their creativity unwraps as they bring life to their characters, they bring in these beings an expression beyond the written dialogues in the scripts.

Every form of creativity is very personal to its creator. It is a reflection of their sensory experience be it on a paper, a canvas, a stage, a photograph or a plate. For creative souls, creativity is a warm blanket that lets them out of their comfort zone every morning and winds their night into a gentle caressing hug.


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