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RJ Malishka

From being an RJ to an influencer, RJ Malishka from 93.5 Red FM talks about the things that matter to her and gives us her take on the happenings in the city

We once received a call from this guy up in the North. He said he was from U.P. He then went on to tell us that he was lying in a hospital bed after a hernia operation was performed on him and we were all so weirded out by that. He said he really wanted to talk to me and know how I was doing. It was sweet considering it was a long distance call but thinking of the scenario just grossed me out completely. That’s one caller I will never forget.

I think Mumbaikars really go through a lot. There is seriously so much more than we can do with our lives. We are the highest tax payers but we barely live our lives to the fullest. Quite frankly, we don’t have much of a choice. We are quite a busy lot. There’s so much to do and such little time, we’re practically living a 48 hour day in 24 hours. We are easily moved by what’s happening around us and are willing to work for change but we need to be pushed. On the contrary, we are more easy going and free, hardworking and driven than most people out there. We are chillers with a classic chalta hai attitude.

The RJ scene today

RJing is a super kickass career but when you’re a part of it, you need to remember to give back as much as you get. Jockeys need to constantly aspire to keep the radio cool. We need to bear in mind that change is the need of the audience and to keep them hooked on you have to be youthful and relevant and think like the new generation. We are influencers capable of bringing change and so we must push to make people aware and educate them. We push, we learn and we teach. So, it’s not purely for entertainment purposes.

I think the whole craze is really stupid. Taking pictures for memory sake is great but not at the risk of putting your life in danger. Especially when it comes to celebrities, people are ruthless and throw themselves on a star just to get a selfie, without much consideration of what they feel. It’s an indulgent habit as long as you’re being smart about it. At the end of the day we need to realize that a phone full of selfies won’t take you anywhere, your brains will.


My true inspiration is the energy that plays off my audience. That energy radiates through me. I love my work and I thoroughly enjoy it day after day. I love inspiring people and doing work that will matter. I have gained a lot of love from my listeners and in turn it makes me deliver huge doses of entertainment in return. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the job, it’s really about listening and feeling. A big chunk of inspiration comes from my mother. I continuously strive to be the best in her eyes.


Volume 5 Issue 10


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