Rising Star – April 2013


Amit Sadh has made appearances in television shows and films. His first lead role in a film can be seen in Kai Po Che

 An actor you admire – Al Pacino and Daniel Day Lewis









Your acting style can be defined as…

I like being real. I try to become the character so I can portray the role perfectly.

A movie you wish you had starred in
Blue Valentine. I would like to have starred in the role played by Ryan Gosling.









An actress you would like to star with – Scarlett Johansson









The biggest sacrifice you’ve made for a friend
I don’’t consider anything I do for my friends to be a sacrifice, I think it’s a duty or responsibility which has to be done.

Your five-year plan includes
I don’’t believe in planning. I don’’t know what I will be doing in the next five days, let alone five years.

Your style quotient can be defined as…
Comfortable and easy

Your favourite hangout spot
I like Indigo Deli and Bombay Baking Company (BBC) at JW Marriott when I am in Mumbai.

Food you can’t live without
Milk, absolutely can’t live without it.

Your life’s biggest regret
I believe in living life without any regrets so I don’’t really have an answer for this.

Best compliment you have received so far
I was told by someone that I am very real. For me, as an actor, that is the best compliment I have received.

Your take on reality shows
I have nothing against reality shows but personally I think it was a mistake when I appeared in them. I think baring your soul on television is not something that everyone is comfortable doing.

Favourite book or author
Currently, my favourite author is Mitch Albom. I like all the books he has written so far.

Your music playlist is full of
I’’m crazy about music and I listen to all kinds of music. You can find a mix on my playlist which includes everything from Coldplay and Leonardo Cohen to Lupe Fiasco.


Volume 2 Issue 10


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