Happily Unmarried


Who: Rahul Anand and Rajat Tuli
What they do: create quirky products that are filled with funny taglines and styles which are unique to India’s culture
Humour quotient: can be described as “desi, quirky and irreverent”

How did Happily Unmarried start? Why the name Happily Unmarried?
Happily Unmarried started based out of our own experiences. An accidental discovery made us realise that in this family-oriented country there is no one targeting singles or the “young”. 65% of our population is under 35 so we are a very, very young country.
We wanted a name which would shout that we are fun and young.
Surprisingly, no other name made it to the shortlist.

What future does humour merchandising have in India?
We feel we are heading towards a happy India generation. It is a trend; our movies are getting funnier, we are finally laughing at ourselves, most people are better off compared to their pa rents. The good times have only started. If the merchandising is relevant then we see a huge potential.

Do Happily Unmarried products have to go through any censorship?
No, not yet, we might have to if we start making movies.

Do you ever worry that your products won’t sell if people don’t get the joke?
Yes, all the time. The challenge becomes larger when the numbers scale. We can deal with 200 numbers not selling but now we are looking at products which we are making in excess of 10,000. Now if that does not sel l it’s no laughing matter. Like I said earlier, we need to keep it relevant, so the humour cannot be topical or something which has a limited shelf life.

Are you married? Do you plan on getting married?
One of the co-founders is married. But he is a minority in our office. So his opinion does not count. Ha ha!

Quick Laughs

When did you realise you were funny?
It was a long time ago. I asked a girl if she would to go out with me. She laughed and said, “God, you are so funny” and walked away.

What makes you laugh?
My bank balance.

Which is your favourite piece of Happily Unmarried merchandise?
All of them, can’t choose bet ween your kids.


Is Happily Unmarried making you rich?
Ha ha! Please refer to the ‘What makes you laugh’ question.

Who would you gift a sense of humour?
To the Indian television industry. They need to stop making soaps which make people cry.

What came first, the laugh or the joke?
If I remember correctly, PT Usha came first – 400m, Seoul Asian Games 1986.


Volume 2 Issue 10



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