Dive Into Rema Chaudhary’s Photography Through Her Lenses

Rema Chaudhary

Her photography not just shows what our naked eyes can see, it’s an absolute depiction of her mind. 


Having worked in the stock market for two years, Rema Chaudhary attended her heart’s calling towards photography 7 years back. She discovered her love for photography when she found herself clicking pictures of her co-employees at her workplace, and during her way back home from work. The more pictures she clicked, the more fond she grew of this art, and before she knew, she had transformed herself into a well-flourished photographer. 

Telling us about her journey, Rema recalls the day when she decided to confess her love for photography, her will to study it, and also pursue a career in it, to her parents. Understanding her passion and watching her excel in it, her parents extended immense support. 

Soon after deciding to plunge into the world of photography, Rema Chaudhary got herself her first commercial project. This is when she realized that photography is no cakewalk. She says, “Photography is far more beyond just having models, makeup artists, and a camera.” During the time of her project, she felt the need of proper knowledge of the field she had chosen for herself.    

She thus studied photography in Massachusetts, US. The knowledge she received here, built for her a strong foundation in photography. Being a learner and an observer of various kinds of photography, Rema holds high respect for photographers like Paulo Juarez, Tim Walker, and Arnold Newman to name a few. She says it is their work that taught her the skill of capturing a perfect photograph. These great photographers helped her to compose a picture well, identify the pulse of a place/location, and to make a visual look appealing to the eye. 

rema chaudhary photography

Rema believes that photography has a lot to do with a photographer’s thoughts. The thoughts of a photographer must strongly reflect on her/his photographs. She says that before hitting the shutter, a photographer must know what she/he wants the viewer to feel after she/he looks at the photograph.    

Sometimes, she says, a photographer ends up taking the right shot in just the first attempt but she/he could also take a whole day for the same. It all depends on how the photographer feels at that very moment, the lightings, moods of individuals and so on. Even a professional photographer experiences ‘off’ days when she/he doesn’t like what she/he captures. When Rema experiences one such day, she either works towards keeping her spirits up or after finishing the shoot, prefers to be alone, all by herself. Another way in which she deals with coping up with low days is by traveling and spending time amidst nature. 

With opportunities flooding in the world of digital media, today many young individuals carry a strong passion for photography and the zeal to become photographers. Rema, having walked on the same path, had many interesting tips to share with the aspiring as well as budding photographers. 

She says that to make a picture look good, the composition of it is key, the lighting, and gestures too, play an essential role. In addition to this, the success of a photograph depends on what a person feels. To give a finishing touch to the pictures, Rema mentions that one must know the basics of photo editing software like Photoshop as it helps in basic color correction and getting rid of elements that disturb the image. 

Rema personally feels that in order to up your “photography skills” you must surround yourself with people who share similar interests and those who can outright provide you honest feedback. This she says will help you do better every time you click a picture. 

When asked about the additional kind of photography she would like to try her hands on, Rema laughs and says, she would love to give astrophotography a shot as it is something that intrigues her. 

For Rema, her passion for photography has boosted her confidence to an impressive level, it has helped her understand herself better and has definitely taught her to express herself well through her photographs. 

To see some of Rema Chaudhary ’s work, you can head to Method Art Space located at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. The exhibition is going to be held untill the 8th of December.  


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