Online Courses: Bridging the Employability Gap

Online courses

Modern technologies are affecting all aspects of the global economy. Stephen Hawking has rightly said that we are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.  This digital shift has stimulated a demand for a highly skilled workforce. Traditional education systems are not able to keep up with the growing demands for technologically savvy workers. As technology continues to develop at a high speed it becomes necessary for businesses to keep their workforce up to date on the latest trends. The skill gap in the workplace has a negative impact on a company’s operational performance and its overall growth. Online courses that enhance skills and increase productivity are a convenient and effective way to bridge the workplace skills gap.

Reputation regarding the online courses, at one time, wasn’t good enough. Some attributable reasons for this could be their not being as good as their offline counterparts or that they lacked the human touch. But recently, things have taken a turn for better. Programs like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Skill-Pill and cloud-based training courses provide a huge platform for trainees to enhance their skill sets and get better promotions.

The advantages that these online courses provide are-


Businesses can use affordable eLearning platforms to develop skills and improve their own internal workforce. Most modern eLearning tools are customizable according to industry needs. Many are free or low-cost with possible ongoing investments. For example, Udemy is one such online learning platform with courses on a wide range of subjects.

Efficiency and convenience

While eLearning a person absorbs 40 to 60 percent more of the material. Students are free to connect with their instructors via mail from anywhere anytime. Learning management systems are one such online platforms that develop and deliver training content to non-traditional learners or full-time workers with families.


The process of eLearning can be synchronous as well as asynchronous. Synchronous online technology includes videoconferencing, webcasts, interactive learning models etc whereas asynchronous tools are those that help students to create, explain, and apply the content or skills being taught. All these facilities can be utilized anywhere, anytime by the students.

Better Career opportunities

When a person enhances his skill sets and gains a competitive edge the avenues for better career opportunities open subsequently. Industries base their hiring decisions not only on the educational qualifications but also on the non-cognitive skills of the employees. Online courses are aimed at providing a specific skill set and are compatible with a wide variety of employment opportunities. They substantially increase the “employability” factor.

Some of the best online courses that provide full-time or freelance career opportunities are-

Graphics Design Courses

For the aspirants who want to display their creativity through images and graphics, an online course in graphics and designing is a must. A honing of the skills in designing and graphics will surely add a powerful weapon in their arsenal. So, you can surely start thinking about it.

SEO Courses

Search Engine Optimization is the concept on which search engines like Google and Yahoo rank different sites relating to them. SEO courses also cover the disciplines of Digital and Social Media Marketing, which if needed, can be followed separately. People having a technical knack, are likely to start and perform well in this job.


Blogging and Vlogging are the mediums to present people’s perception of things and knowledge of their hobbies, using the internet. You can blog/vlog over anything. These things may range from your hobbies like gardening, cooking, singing to more serious concerns of politics, economy, science etc.

Cash in the App

Most of the smartphones today run on iOS or on Android. The useful and fun-bearing applications of these apps have made the lives of millions of their users quite easy and fun. Whether saleable or free, app-builders can generate revenue by making these apps. App-designing, therefore, is the current hot trend in jobs. The Android Development Community, Coursera, iPhone development forums, and Microsoft Virtual Academy are some of the portals that provide information on developing the latest apps.

Coding and Computer Languages

Online media is also a platform to learn programming languages. Thanks to the portals like Hack. Pledge, GitHub etc., the learning of programming languages like Java, HTML has become quite uncomplicated. Hence, learning these languages is a great way to develop software, games, sites of your interest and make cash from these.

Online Course in MS Office

A course in MS Office translates to upgrading the learner’s skills to new heights. This may again translate to better-paying jobs, in the field of documentation. These may include jobs in the capacity of Virtual Assistants, Data Feeders, Documentation Managers, Accounts Keepers etc. The most credible source for online-training for the documentation applications is the online help-window of the company itself.

Content Writing

For those who think they have a flair for metaphorically and convincingly expressing their views content writing should be a good option. Freelancing for websites, ghost-writing, copywriting on myriad topics and subjects can get you a good pay in this field.



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