At 36, Priyanka Chopra Still Gives Women Of Every Age Some Serious #LifeGoals

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra certainly needs no introduction. This small town girl is a self-made woman who made her way from all the way from Bareilly to Bollywood and then to Baywatch.

Starting early, she achieved her first breakthrough at the age of 18 when she won the title of ‘Miss World’ and made her Bollywood debut at the age of 20. Ever since, Priyanka’s career has been skyrocketing. In the year 2017, her name made it to the list of Forbes Magazine’s ‘100 most powerful women’. Our desi girl is a true inspiration for all the women across the globe.

On her 36th birthday, here are a list of reasons that makes Priyanka Chopra an ideal role model.

1. All Rounder

PeeCee has set some real all-rounder goals, especially for new age Indian women. She is a daughter who makes her parents feel proud of her, the first Indian model as the brand ambassador to US origin fashion brand ‘Guess’, a versatile actor and a singer. Priyanka has made her mark in every field.

2. Fearless decision maker

Priyanka has been bold and fearless when it comes to her choice of film roles. From being an arm candy in Mujse Shaadi Karogi to playing a negative role in Aaitraz and being a bold woman in Fashion, she has experimented with her on-screen characters.

3. In your face!

Priyanka Chopra is who she is even in front of the media. She is bold enough to speak her heart out. She has never been afraid to talk about her affairs, critics and even the haters. She also almost never hides from the paparazzi, and even strikes a conversation with them on several occasions.

4. Strikes the right balance between personal and professional life

Priyanka knows exactly how to make time for her priorities. No matter how busy she is, she always makes sure to spend some quality time with her family, and often jets to Mumbai to visit them, despite living in New York.

5. Show it off!

Being a public figure, she knows exactly how to use media in her favour. She isn’t afraid of showing off, whether it’s her new rumoured American boyfriend or her commendable achievement across the entertainment industry. “You shouldn’t be afraid of showing what you have achieved,” says Priyanka.

6. Limitless

Priyanka Chopra has set a live example of ‘dreams have no boundary’. If she would have restricted herself to just Bollywood, she probably wouldn’t have been a part of the MET Galas or prestigious award shows.

7. Turning criticism into your strength

PeeCee in the early years of her high school education in the US, has been the victim of racial discrimination, but she never let that obstruct her path to success. She responded positively to the criticism that some of her films and personal life drew. Her positive outlook towards life made her see the brighter side of every problem and helps her to bounce back stronger.

8. Always up for social causes

From the very beginning, Priyanka’s name has always been associated with the various domestic and international social causes including ‘Save girl child’ and ‘Awakening youth – anti-drug camping’, she is also appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights.

What truly makes her stand out from most of her contemporaries is her dedication and honesty towards her work and her optimistic outlook towards life which is clearly visible in one of her quotes – “Help yourself first to earn the proud feeling you always dreamt of”


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