News Flash (11th August 2020): Top 10 Stories Of The Day

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Image Credits: DNA India

1. Russia has made world’s 1st COVID-19 vaccine, my daughter vaccinated: Putin    

On Tuesday Vladimir Putin, Russian President announced that his country has successfully created ‘world’s first’ vaccine against Coronavirus. Russia’s Health Ministry has approved the ‘1st’ Covid-19 vaccine. This successful vaccine against Covid-19 was created by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute. It got the green signal after 2 months of human testing. President Putin has also said that his own daughter got vaccinated against coronavirus.

2. India, China should jointly safeguard peace in border areas: China 

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Image Credits: Business Today

The spokesperson of China’s foreign ministry, Zhao Lijian said, “For the China-India relationship, the two sides should jointly safeguard peace and security in border areas.” The reply came after someone enquired about China’s diplomatic priorities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He further added, “We will continue to deepen strategic mutual trust and expand shared interests with our neighbours and other developing countries.”

3. Daughters have property rights even if father died before 2005 Succession Act: SC     

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Image Credits: Mathrubhumi English

On Tuesday the Supreme Court of India said, “Even if father wasn’t alive on September 9, 2005 when amendment to Hindu Succession Act was effectuated, daughter will still have property rights.” The court highlighted that daughters too have equal rights in matters of property. 

4. 4G to be allowed on trial basis in 2 J&K districts after Independence Day

4g network, independence day, j&k
Image Credits: Everything

On Tuesday the Centre said to the Supreme Court that 2 districts in Jammu and Kashmir will be granted access to 4G connectivity. The implementation will be on trial basis after August 15, the Independence Day. The progress of the situation will be revised after two months of progress. The Centre has also added that the surrounding area and the Line of Control will have no relaxation on this issue.

5. Trump abruptly escorted from briefing after shooting near White House

President Trump, White House
Image Credits: The Tribune India

On Monday afternoon after an abrupt shooting near the White House, President Donald Trump was abruptly escorted by a U.S. Secret Service agent. President was briefing an afternoon gathering on coronavirus. He later emerged and addressed the shooting and by assuring everything was under control. “It was the suspect who was shot,” Trump said. The White House was placed on lockdown following the incident.

6. People must be tested within 72 hrs of coming in contact with COVID-19 +ve person: PM     

COVID-19 vaccine, Covid-19, PM Modi
Image Credits: Sun Times

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has urged people to get their test in place once they realize they were in contact with a coronavirus positive person. Experts in the medical field have assured the PM that spread of the virus can be controlled if tests are taken by the person within 72 hours after contact. “This is why the system of home quarantine is being implemented,” said the PM.

7. Google creates ‘People Cards’ for Indian users             

People cards, google, google search, COVID-19 vaccine
Image Credits: Hectique

A new feature was introduced by Google for its Indian users. The novel feature is called ‘People cards’ which will allow the user to create a virtual visiting card. The card would display relevant information about the user which he/she can see on Search. The process to add yourself is by clicking on “add me to Search”. A card can also be made by searching for one’s own name. 

8. Dwarf planet Ceres is an ‘ocean world’ with salty water under surface: Study     

Dwarf planet Ceres, ocean world
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The largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the Ceres. It is named an “ocean world” by a recent study. After analysing the data collected by NASA’s spacecraft Dawn, a reservoir of salty water is suspected under its surface. The reservoir is estimated to be 40 kilometer deep. Scientists say that the bright spots on Ceres could be the result of salt crust left behind by the evaporation of water.

9. Schools reopen fully in Sri Lanka

Schools, Sri Lanka
Image Credits: Pinterest

On Monday all schools in the island nation were reopened. The reopen was conducted after a closure of more than four months as a precautionary measure against coronavirus. The Education Secretary NHM Chithrananda said, “All schools are reopened today with respective grades starting classes on a staggered basis.” However school canteen will remain shut until further notice by the health authority.

10. Volunteers rescue dozens of dolphins stranded on beach

Dolphins rescue
Image Credits: Zoro News

A total of 50 dolphins were stranded near the beach on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, U.S.A. Dozens of volunteers gathered over the weekend to rescue the dolphins. The dolphins were already sunburned and overheated before the Marine Mammal Rescue and Research Team could come for their aid. The reason for getting stranded was overnight change in tides.


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