News Flash (10th August 2020): Top 10 Stories Of The Day

Banaras Hindu University
Image Credits: ABP Education

1. Banaras Hindu University has rescheduled entrance test for UG and PGcourses

The entrance exams of Banaras Hindu University will be conducted in two phases. One in August and the other in Septemeber. The first phase will go on from August 24th to 31st, the second phase will begin on the 9th of September and will end by 14th of the month.

The first phase will be devoted to the post-graduate programmes like LLB, BED, BFA, etc as per Banaras Hindu University circular.

2. Get quarantined in college and then appear for exams: Private college in Pune to students on exams

Image Credits: Free Press Journal

DY Patil Dental college has asked its students, who come from 150 different cities for returning back to college to appear for their final semester examination. While the college claims that it has the ability to care of the students, is it a feasible option for students to travel all the way to their colleges, quarantine themselves all alone and then prepare for their exams. The parents and the students themselves has requested the authorities for postponing their session.

3. UGC to SC: If exams aren’t conducted, students can’t get degrees

Image Credits: Knowledia News

The Supreme court hearing on whether the Cancellation of exams in Maharashtra and Delhi due to the rise in the number of COVID 19 cases and the National Disaster Management Act will be attested by the UGC, whose guidelines mention the retake of examinations by the end of September.

The Solicitor General of UGC went completely against the state’s decision and asked: “How can states cancel exams and expect UGC to confer degree when UGC is the only body that can confer degree”.

The hearing has been adjourned till August 14 but the faith of the Final year students continues to hang on a narrow rope.

4. Upto 10 days of ‘Period Leave’ for Menstruating Employees: Zomato

zomato, period leave, Banaras Hindu University
Image Credits: DNA India

Zomato’s, one of the biggest food delivering companies CEO Deepinder Goyal announced 10 days of period leaves a year for all its menstruating employees. This news has been congratulated and hailed as a revolutionary step by an Indian Company on the internet as the issue is still considered taboo in most of the country. The CEO further said in an official mail to his employees that this step is taken to foster truth, acceptance and truth among members of the company. This step has opened sources for womxn to speak out about the unnecessary harassment that have experienced for taking a period leave or even casually mentioning it.

5. Former President Pranab Mukherjee tests positive for COVID-19

Former President Pranab Mukherjee
Image Credits: DNA India

Former President Pranab Mukherjee, declared the results of his test reports on his twitter handle today morning. He further also requested people who came in contact with him last week to self isolate and get tested for Covid-19.

6. New Zealand today completes 100 days without any coronavirus transmission

New Zealand, coronavirus, Covid-19
Image Credits: Reuters

WHO hailed New Zealand as an example for the world in safely combatting the novel coronavirus.100 days have passed by since the country’s last case of domestic transmission. At the same time, the country at present is dealing with 23 active cases, which are quarantined and taken care of. The medical officials still believe in the need of keeping the safety measures in the guard for the complete end of the pandemic.

7. An Indonesian Volcano has erupted twice in the last three days.

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Image Credits: Christian Science Monitor

The volcano spewed a giant (app.5 km long) ash cloud in the sky today morning.The eruption took place while emitting a thunderous noise while turning the sky dark as per the account of the witnesses.

Mount Sinabung,located on the island of Sumatra,erupted for the second time since Saturday after years of inactivity. Residents are safe and have been advised to stay outside of a three km radius of the volcano.

8. Delhi CM inaugurates a hospital with 200 beds especially for COVID cases.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, banaras Hindu University
Image Credits: The Daily Guardian

In Ambedkar Nagar, a new hospital has been inaugurated which has the capacity of 600 beds and at present about 200 beds are made functional amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

The minister proclaimed that each bed has a personal oxygen facility as it is the primary requirement of the COVID 19 patients.

9. Lebanon’s Information Minister quits after the Beirut blasts

Lebanon Minister, Beirut Blast
Image Credits:

Manal Abdel Samad, the Information Minister of Lebanon quit his office after the Beirut blasts that killed about 150 civilians. He was the first from the ruling part ministers to quit the office and apologise to the public for failing them.

The Maronite church issued a statement asking the entire government to step down from their positions. The local public has also been enraged and angered by the government’s responsibility and height of mismanagement and have now taken to the streets to demonstrate their dissent. 

10. Call from an FB official in Ireland helped to save a man’s life in Delhi

FB Ireland, Banaras Hindu University
Image Credits: India TV

The 27 year old resident of Delhi was posting a number of posts on his account that were characterized as ‘suicidal activity’ and gave a red signal to the fb employee in Ireland to contact the Delhi Deputy Commisioner of Cyber Crime on Saturday.

The police then traced him in Mumbai and after a long run reached his address and counselled him. The man was apparently suffering from financial stress due to lockdown since the last few months.


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